What are the best rock groups in history?

The Beatles are one of the oldest and most acclaimed rock groups, but this band is accompanied by other great groups such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, etc. Maybe not all of them are your favorites, but they have broken international sales records, so they deserve a place on this list.


Rock bands from the 60s

We cannot begin this list without mentioning the famous British band The Beatles, which, although it was only in force in the 1960s, never disappointed its followers. His style was influenced by the rock and roll of the 50s, classical music and the skiffle. Even among his songs you can enjoy a bit of hard rock of the time.

George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were the members of this group. Unfortunately, Lennon and Harrison have already left for the other world, so only McCartney (bass and vocals) and Starr (drums and vocals) live. In their time of fame they made several international tours and recorded several albums. They became a popular group thanks to their song “Love Me Do”.

The Beatles won 7 Grammy Awards and received a total of 15 Ivor Novello. Also, in 2004, the prominent Rolling Stone magazine ranked this band at number one on its list of “The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.”

Another outstanding band was The Rolling Stones, of English origin. It was founded in 1962 and is still active in 2020. His style had a mix of rock and roll, blues rock, as well as pop and psychedelic rock. In addition to this, they were one of the most influential pop rock groups not only in the 60s, but also in the 70s and 80s.

Its current members are Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. Also, some of his masterpieces were the albums Beggars Banquet (1968), Let It Bleed (1969).

And, of course, it was with their 1965 track “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” that they achieved international fame. Similarly, The Rolling Stones have released twenty-five studio albums. Even 32 songs by the group have been among the ten most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Rock bands from the 70s

There are certainly many notable groups, but Pink Floyd was one of the most iconic British rock bands in the 1970s. Among their most popular albums are The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and Wish You Were Here (1975). In addition, in 1977 they stood out in the rock world with the album “Animals”.

This band was founded in 1965 and was active until 1995. However, they met again in 2005 and 2014. In this last year they recorded the album “The Endless River”, which in Spanish means “The endless river”. In total, the band recorded 15 studio albums. All of them inspired by progressive and psychedelic rock, blues rock, symphonic rock, space rock, etc. Some songs even have touches of hard rock, art rock and experimental rock.

Another very successful band in the 1970s was The Who, with their albums “Live at Leeds” (1970), “Quadrophenia” (1973), “The Who By Numbers” (1975) and “Who Are You” (1978).

This British band had excellent reviews, for example, Time magazine wrote: “There is no other group that has taken rock so far.” Similarly, the Rolling Stones magazine said: “With the band The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Who completes the holy trinity of British rock.”

On the other hand, the band Led Zeppelin also became very famous in the 70s and, of course, in the 80s. In 1971 the band released their album Led Zeppelin IV, also known as “Untitled”. It was so well received that it had more sales compared to the band’s other albums. Today it is in position 4 regarding the best-selling albums in history, according to the RIAA. Many songs on this album became rock classics. For example, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Black Dog” and “Going to California”.


Rock bands of the 80s

Guns N ‘Rose was one of the most iconic American rock groups of the 80s. This group was founded in Hollywood, specifically, in the Sunset Strip area. Although the members of this group have changed several times in their careers, they are still active today, with vocalist Axl Rose, drummer Duff MacKagan and guitarist Slash. These are the oldest members of the band, but they are also joined by Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Frank Ferrer, and Melissa Reese.

This is also one of the best groups in history, with more than 150 million records sold. In addition, he is part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of his most famous songs is “Sweet Child o ‘Mine”.

Also, there are other bands that stood out in this decade, for example, Metallica, one of the best metal groups. Its current musicians are Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (vocals and guitar), Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) and Robert Trujillo (bass). Their album sales exceed 120 million, being one of the top 4 thrash metal bands, along with Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer.


Rock bands for all time

There are many groups that composed rock classics, that is, songs for all times. Among them are the bands mentioned above, plus U2, Radiohead, Nirvana, The Doors, The Police, Oasis, Queen, and many more.

Likewise, it cannot be missing from the REM, Deep Purpley and AC / DC list. The latter specialized in different types of rock such as heavy metal, rock and roll and hard rock.

Also, The Smiths is another of the best rock bands, thanks to their classic songs “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”, “William, It Was Really Nothing”, “Barbarism Begins at Home”, among others.

And, as it could not be missing, we will mention some of the best Spanish rock groups. For example, Héroes del Silencio, El Último de la Fila, Radio Futura, Mecano, Los Brincos and La Oreja de Van Gogh. In addition, Maná continues to be one of the most prominent current rock groups in the Hispanic world, so it should also be mentioned.

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