The Cuban boy who amazes the whole world by playing the drum

Since he was born, Maikol Pentón González liked the drumming and improvised with empty paint containers. He is a child who carries the rhythm of the drums in his veins, since there are several percussionists in his family who have inspired him since he was in his mother’s womb.


His aunt, the percussionist Ivette González Kessel, teaches him the rhythms of the drum and says that, despite being just a child, Maikol performs the techniques of covering and handling with professionalism. Therefore, the social networks and newspapers of Cuba have made the talent of this little drum prodigy viral. Ivette plays in the Las Canelas musical group, so the Maikol environment is always full of Latin music.


He prefers the bongo to the toys

From a very young age, Maikol hit toys with pencils, so at the age of 2 his family bought him some tumbadoras, very useful instruments for playing Latin rhythms such as Cuban son, salsa, merengue, among others. In this sense, the child spends more hours playing drums than playing with cars or dolls.

Maikol puts together his complete drums in his living room, using snare drums, bongo drums and tumbadoras and plays as if he were on stage with La Sonora Matancera, a well-known Cuban group that has transcended through the years.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this talented boy belongs to a children’s group at his school called Los Kini-Kini, in which he made his debut as a percussionist. It is not just a hobby for Maikol, as his aunt says that when he grows up he will be a professional musician. Since he was given the bongo he has not stopped playing it; In a video available on the Internet you can see how he plays happy chimes on this instrument.

Over time you will see the fruit of Maikol, who prefers to watch videos of the famous Puerto Rican percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo over cartoons or video games. This musician is one of the greatest inspirations for the child and the neighbors of the neighborhood compare him with Miguel Angá Díaz, who was one of the best percussionists in Cuba. This is because Miguel was like Maikol, a musician who was born with talent.




Diversity of musical instruments

This Cuban boy not only plays drums , but also has a talent for playing the güiro and maracas. In addition, the limitation of not playing other instruments is due to the economic situation of his family, since it has not yet been able to buy him some batá drums.     

However, Maikol does not care about how much a certain drum costs , as he simply likes drums that he assembles with empty paint cans or practically anything that sounds similar to a percussion instrument, transmitting his joy through improvised rhythms. That is, just take a couple of pencils and play with the containers or toys that you find.

Although keeping time and rhythm on the maracas or the güiro is not an easy task, even the technique is complex, this is not an impediment for the child, since music is in the blood. Percussionist Diurys Valdés, who is the director of the group Rumba Morena, says that Maikol has sound, which is difficult to achieve on instruments that have leather membranes. Simply put, since he was 1 year old he has shown his natural talent to be a percussionist.


Famous teachers have recognized his musical ear

Due to his passion for music and his way of playing drums, at just 2 years old he was valued by several prominent teachers, for example, Eduardo Córdova, who is known as the king of the drum. In addition, he has been valued by other teachers, who have considered that his age is a bit distracting, but when he grows up he can be a great percussionist.

He has such an innate ability for percussion that when he plays he dances at the same time, something that not everyone can do, as that takes a lot of practice. For that reason, his aunt Ivette says that Maikol has the touch, referring in colloquial terms to the talent and ease with which the little one plays.




A child who inspires others

Thanks to the musical talent to play the drums, Maikol inspires the children of Cuba and the whole world, so that they also become passionate about music, sowing good values, far from child delinquency. Also, peace is one of the things that Maikol reflects the most through the drumming. Even when he plays you can see the connection between him and the instruments.

Currently, many children are used and abused by adults, who put them to work from an early age. However, Maikol and his family are an example for many parents and children to follow. He studies and in his spare time he plays the drums, having a family that has guided him along the path of good.

In short, Maikel is an agent of change for society and just as he plays the skins of the drum he has reached the hearts of many people who admire him and follow him on the Internet. 


Vocation to be a musician

It is not very easy for people to discover what college they want to study or what business to start to achieve their goals. This is because there are many areas in which they can dedicate themselves. However, on this occasion, a reference has been made to a man who has known since childhood what he will dedicate his life to in the future and is Maikol Pentón González.

This little boy with only 5 years old has discovered his vocation, so he serves as an example for those people who like music and have not decided to study it. Someone once asked him if he wanted something other than music and he just kept thinking, that is, he did not know what to answer, because ultimately his vocation is to be a percussionist musician.


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