Slash: a true electric guitar titan

Slash is an emblematic musician of the legendary band Guns N’Roses, who has a unique style on stage, added to an interpretation full of strident sounds produced by rhythmic and hypnotic notes, thus making hundreds of people vibrate every time he steps. a stage.


During the 50s a new musical genre called “Rock” emerged, which has its roots in the “Rock and Roll” of the 40s, so the influence of country, blues, folk, jazz and even classical music is understandable. However, the undisputed protagonist is the electric guitar, being an iconic instrument in the world of rock, capable of providing imposing chords.

With the passage of time and the evolution of this musical trend, many guitarists emerged, as well as new subgenres that were capturing the attention of the masses.

On the other hand, we have the arrival of “Alternative Rock” and “Electronic”. In this sense, the exhibitors of the electric guitar, as they were known at the beginning, suffered a small relegation by this new wave of sounds. However, this was not an impediment to transcend in history.

Among the greats of the electric guitar we can remember Duane Allman from The Allman Brothers Band, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Angus Young from the well-known band AC / DC, and Jimmy Page, a member of Led Zeppelin, who were also a source of inspiration for another great that today continues to reinvent himself in the musical arena, the well-known and controversial guitarist Slash.


Slash and his beginnings

Saul Hudson is of London origin, but was raised in the city of Los Angeles. His stage name is Slash. At the beginning, he did not even know what path he would take in life, since he was a rather precocious and rebellious boy for his age, so he did not really have a motivation for his future. In fact, the encounter with his musical vocation was quite atypical, according to what Slash himself recounted in his autobiography. 

It all happened when I was 14 years old. He was staying with a girl he liked and who was several years older than him. While smoking some joints he began to listen to “Rocks”, an Aerosmith classic and the impact was such that he repeated the album over and over again. Finally, the girl got tired of him and Slash took the bicycle to return home.




Drugs and Rock and Roll

It is no secret to anyone that the rock world is quite dizzying and full of excesses. Both drugs and Rock and Roll were two of the fundamental pillars in the life of the legendary Slash, thus going through a marked addiction to different illicit substances at the hands of his partner Axl Rose. This unbridled past brought the guitarist suffering from cardiomyopathy.


Projects outside of Guns N ‘Roses

The powerful riffs that Slash’s Gibson Les Paul ’59 emits have been part of the musical repertoire of Guns N ‘Roses, but the guitarist has also had some independent projects of the band.

This is how we can mention Slash’s Snakepit, which was the guitarist’s first solo work. Also, who didn’t beat their head to the beat of Velvet Revolver? This band led by Slash was an ambitious project that once again positioned him among the greats of the genre and confirmed why he is the living legend of the electric guitar.

More recently, the guitarist during 2012 made an artistic life with the band Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. After seven years together, the result has been a total of three studio albums, which enjoy great success and recognition from the industry.


Transcendence in time

During the staging in the most recent concerts, we noticed a Slash that despite the passage of time was reinventing itself musically, remaining current in a world where more and more artists are turning to a series of special programs to define musical tracks, leaving aside the staging of the instruments. 

In addition, Slash retains an emblematic aesthetic in which his crazy hair, top hat, tight and dark leather pants stand out. On his hands his inseparable instrument, (which makes the musicians who follow him want to also have the best electric guitar ) and, after the touch of each string, the generation of the most exciting tunes that only a rock star like him could create.



Living the Dream: the new from Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators

As we mentioned earlier, Slash has been a member of Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators for seven years. This band has been working in the studio to present their new album in 2020, which is called “Living the Dream”. It is a fairly extensive repertoire, which manages to mix the best of classic rock with the unique and incomparable power offered by the chords released from the strings of Slash’s guitar. Without a doubt, this is a collision of sounds charged with an indescribable force.

The promotional tour started a few months ago, appearing at the Sant Jordi Club in the city of Barcelona and at the Wizink Center Ring, in Madrid, on March 12 and 13 respectively.

It is important to mention the great receptivity on the part of the followers, as well as the positive comments from the critics of magazines and specialized music portals. Among what is reviewed, they allude to a quite mature album, explosive and with an old metric that recalls the old rock that never goes out of style.

We cannot fail to mention that during this series of promotional tours, the Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators mainly play the songs from their new album, but without neglecting some of the Guns N’Roses songs.


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