Roland and its most outstanding electronic drums

Roland is a Japanese musical instrument brand that competes with the best on the market, as the quality of its creations has impressed beginner and professional musicians of various ages. For example, his electronic percussion instruments and synthesizers are some of his most outstanding creations.


Company beginnings

Roland was founded in Osaka on April 18, 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi and in 2005 its headquarters was moved to Hamamatsu. In addition, it is currently an international company, since it has branches in the United States, Taiwan and Italy.

This brand creates electronic instruments such as amplifiers, drums, synthesizers, recording equipment, audio editors, DJ controllers, headband headphones, among others. The number of employees of the company is over 2000 people.

In addition to this, we can mention that in 1974 this company created the first keyboard in the world whose keys are sensitive to the touch, the Roland EP-30. Of course, although the manufacture of keyboards was what drove this brand in its origins, its audio processors and mixers were also very successful, so much so that today many musicians continue to use these equipment.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Kakehashi wanted a common name that is easy to pronounce internationally. This is how one day, checking a phone book, he found Roland’s name, which the company still carries.

In addition, we mention that Roland Corporation is in charge of various brands such as Boss and Cakewalk, the first focuses on the development of effects pedals for guitar and the second creates DAW programs, that is, audio editing.




Electronic batteries

Roland also makes percussion instruments. One of his first creations in this field was the TR-909 drums from 1983, whose sounds were widely used in the 90s and are still used for electronic dance music. Added to this is the Octapad, an electronic drum set that was released in 1985.

Today, Roland makes newer and more eye-catching percussion instruments, with both real and electronic sounds. In this way, users can play various musical genres through the same instrument.

Here is a short list of the best Roland electronic drums of the moment, you may find a good and inexpensive one that meets your expectations.


Roland TD-25KV

This electronic drum kit has a high-quality V-Drums module that enables the use of MIDI technology for recording and live performances. In this way, the drummers can take it with them to various musical activities without any problem.

Also, it is important to know that the V-Drums module can be transmitted to amplifiers, recording devices and headphones, as it has the corresponding outputs for each case. Thanks to this possibility, you will not have to connect the battery to external equipment so that it emits the different sounds you want, for example, real acoustic drums or other musical instruments.

We also mentioned that the snare pads and the 3 toms offer a lifelike feel and look. That is, playing each drum will be a very similar task to when using standard acoustic drums.


Roland TD4KP

This drum kit features Roland’s V-Drums technology, making it compatible with MIDI and various Roland instruments or accessories. This means that snares or cymbals from other models can be connected to it, making it a fairly flexible and functional instrument.

In addition to this, we mention that it is a fairly portable and ergonomic drum kit, in addition, the module is compact and easy to use, so that the battery can be taken anywhere without complications. Therefore, it will be possible to travel with this product to make presentations or recordings on other sites.

It should be noted that this model has rubber pads for the kick drum, snare and the 3 toms. All these pads offer a soft and very natural touch.


Roland TD1KV

The Roland brand has created this electronic drum kit with an easy-to-use V-Drums module, through which you can connect headphones, external multimedia devices and computers. In addition, the package includes 2 pedals, 3 cymbals, 3 toms and 1 snare, so it is a complete product and ready to use in your rehearsals or live. The drums even come with a pair of special sticks for playing the V-Drums pads.

Also, we can highlight that in its model you can change the sounds, among which those of acoustic drums, electronics and minor percussion instruments stand out.

The snare is composed of a white V-Drums pad that provides a more realistic feeling when playing the chimes.




Roland TD-11KV

This product is an electronic drum kit with V-Compact series pads and V-Cymbals cymbals. The ride, for example, has three-way triggering, that is, greater sensitivity and realism, so that the percussionist feels that he is playing an acoustic drums.

In addition, the sounds of the kick, snare and tom offer naturalness, as if they were real drums, for a more expressive feel and refined sound. In addition to this, the module offers playbacks in different musical genres and a special function for students, so that they learn rhythms.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this battery is that the user’s practices or concerts can be recorded and played in the module.


Roland Td1k

The Roland brand presents this drum kit with a pedal for kick and another for hit hat, as well as 1 snare, 3 tom and 3 cymbals. Each of the drums has a black rubber pad for playing comfort.

In addition to this, the V-Drums module brings various functions such as metronome and drum lessons for beginners, so this instrument will help users who are starting to learn the drums.

As if that were not enough, with this product you can select the drum kit you want, jazz, house, standard, funk, rock, etc., as it has 15 different sound sets. Also, we mention that it is a compact electronic battery, so it will be possible to use it in small spaces in the home without any problem.


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