Portable quality with the P-255 piano

You don’t need a giant room and an incredibly heavy piano to experience the sensation of playing a concert instrument, as the Yamaha P-255 digital piano offers unique qualities that will make you feel like a great musical presentation from the comfort of your home. .


When it seems impossible for Yamaha to surprise with one of its amazing pianos, the brand presents a new creation that impacts the musical world and becomes a bestseller. Any Yamaha piano is synonymous with a quality instrument and excellent sound, however, its P-255 model has become an icon in the portable digital piano market.

This product is characterized by being just as efficient when it comes to studying as it is when making professional presentations. The best of the case is that, as it has a structure of adequate dimensions to move it easily, you will have no problem taking it with you everywhere to always be ready to play.


A digital grand piano

The majesty of concert pianos is hardly imitated, yet at less than half the size of these great instruments, the P-255 is the first Yamaha digital piano to achieve maximum polyphony of 256 notes. This detail allows pianists to work with a wide musical range that will closely resemble the experience of playing a grand piano.

The Pure CF sound engine is one of the most advanced, as it is responsible for generating the recorded sounds of Yamaha concert pianos in a faithful and flawless way. By playing the digital piano, you will be able to produce all the nuances of these melodies, including the acoustic characteristics that distinguish a professional grand piano.

All these aspects are complemented by the speakers included in the piano. An interesting detail is that the position of the speakers has been chosen so that the directional propagation of the sound is efficient, achieving high quality audio, with balanced and natural tones. Because they are round, the speakers vibrate effortlessly and allow for a richer bass note; on the other hand, the included tweeters add clarity and brightness to high notes. In this way, the progression between the lows and the highs is fluid, and the difference between the two is noticeable. As a final quality, the 15W amplifiers give that touch of power to the sound to give an auditory projection of optimal results.


The inclusion of rhythms

Having talent as a pianist is key to achieving an exquisite musical performance, however, it is also necessary to have a great piano to achieve it. With a high-end instrument, the expression of the artist will be simpler and, if it has rhythmic patterns included, then the ingenuity of the pianist can be complemented with the modernity of the piano until a unique result is achieved.

In this case, the P-255 comes with ten rhythm patterns for you to vary between jazz, pop, bossa nova, and other musical genres that you can incorporate. You can even adjust the tempo of each of the patterns to accompany you in practice sessions instead of a metronome; in this way, surely the study of the piano will be much more entertaining.

As if this were not enough, Yamaha has also decided to include a set of voices divided into 5 sections to experiment with the sounds of organs, basses and even cymbals. This will allow you to adjust to songs that require melodies from other instruments, or simply have the opportunity to explore different sounds than a classical piano produces.

The built-in Sound Boost quality allows you to increase the power of your rhythms with the push of a button, taking care not to distort the sound and keep it clear.


A versatile performance

Two words that could be used to describe what you get when playing music with this piano would be: adaptability and comfort. The little extra details, which may go unnoticed, are what really make this instrument extraordinary in many ways.

As for the controls, the panel can easily be locked to prevent something from being changed by a bad movement, for example, while playing. This will give you confidence when playing an important piece of music. In addition to this feature, the three EQ bands come with sliders to configure the mid, high and low frequencies; making the sound easily adjustable to your tastes or the environment in which you are.

So that you can immortalize your progress, the P-255 piano has also included something quite useful; The model accepts the use of USB memory sticks to store performances in .wav format for playback on computers or multimedia playback devices. In addition, if you do not want to record, but to show your talent to the world live and direct, you can connect external speakers that will deactivate the piano to avoid interference.

Giving you complete control of your piano, this model is compatible with a totally free application for devices with an iOS operating system. Called P-255 controller, this app can be found in the App Store for iPads and iPhones. From your mobile device you can take care of making all the necessary configurations, in addition, it will be easier to discover and test exclusive functions. It is even possible to store your favorite settings and recall them when you need them so that, that way, it is easy to play with the different options of the piano without losing the initial settings.


The ideal structure

The elegance of the instrument is noticeable, however, beyond that, the rounded finish and the synthetic ivory cover of the keys will give you a comfortable feeling when playing, much like that of a grand piano. Bass keys are heavier than treble keys, mimicking the counterbalance system of such concert instruments.

On the other hand, your fingers will not slip, nor will they have to apply too much pressure to get a good sound.

All these small details mean that, in terms of digital models, this is rated by users and experts as the best portable Yamaha piano on the market today. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for all instrument amateurs and professionals.


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