Opinions about Yamaha PSR-F51 Review

Main Advantage:

It has a simple operation for intuitive and practical use by young people who are starting in the world of music and rhythms. Even two people can play simultaneously, so it serves as an alternative for lessons. 


Main disadvantage:

The keys on this digital model can be extremely sensitive, making them easy to press just by touching them, which could be inconvenient if you don’t learn to control.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is a compact and lightweight digital piano that has been designed to be functional and versatile, with adequate sound power, but with a power consumption of only six watts. All this leads to its position as one of the best on the market. 

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Main Features Explained


Physical properties

Yamaha is one of the most prestigious and recognized brands when it comes to musical instruments, so the opinions of users frequently suggest that the performance of their products is appropriate. In the case of the Yamaha PSR-F51 digital piano , it is recognized for having a black design, which can be installed in small spaces and is also easy to store, because its dimensions of 38 x 99 x 16 cm do not take up much space , but, on the contrary, they make it possible to carry it from one place to another.

These characteristics make this option a recommended alternative for beginners and students, since they can have it at home or take it without major inconvenience to the musical study center because its weight does not exceed 4 kilograms. Plus, it can be battery-operated so, unlike other digital pianos, this one can be taken anywhere to practice rhythms and notes, even without access to a power outlet.  

In the same way, the Yamaha brand has covered all the spaces and has managed to create, with the PSR-F51 model, a practical digital piano because its design incorporates a music stand, in which the user can rest the scores to have them in view. 


Composed of 61 keys, this model is intuitive to use. This, together with its competitive price and versatility, makes it an affordable option for anyone who wants to learn the art of the piano, because it is easy to play and offers the possibility of learning in a fun way. This model has been equipped with 12 instrument voices, 30 songs and 114 musical rhythms from different parts of the globe to vary in styles. In addition, it includes sounds of guitars and horns, so through it you can create mixes of various instruments for a result of cultural enrichment. 

Likewise, its use allows realistic sounds that are generated when playing the keys without much effort. It has an intuitive panel that has been organized by color. Therefore, the musician should only select a mode, rhythm and start playing the piece of their choice. It can be used both by young people, who are just starting out with this instrument, and by professionals for lessons or recitals, since its use is versatile and works in a powerful way. 

Similarly, the model has been created with the duo option, which offers the possibility of two people playing simultaneously, either as a learning mechanism or for a joint presentation.


Features and power 

The Yamaha PSR-F51 model is considered by many users as the best digital piano on the market because of its efficient performance and sound quality. This instrument is equipped with an AC adapter, as well as with headphone outputs to be able to play and listen to the melodies, without disturbing others, in addition to the fact that it is possible to connect the instrument to an amplified sound mechanism, to reach a greater number of people. 

Also, this model is capable of operating with a powerful sound because it includes two 2.5-watt amplifiers, which allows you to hear the notes coming out of the keyboard with greater clarity, forcefulness and without distortion. However, despite being powerful, its power consumption when connected to the wall outlet is only 6 watts. If you want to use it in portable mode, that is, with disposable batteries, it will be necessary to add six AA batteries.

As an added bonus, the model includes a metronome, the device used to indicate the beats and beats of musical compositions, so perfecting rhythms will not be a problem with this keyboard. 


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