Opinions about Yamaha PSR-EW410

Main Advantage:

With this digital piano you can interpret any musical style, since it has 235 different accompaniments. In addition, it allows you to record your musical arrangements for later use in concerts.


Main disadvantage:

It is missing that the package does not include a case to store and transport the piano, so you must purchase it separately, thus making an additional expense.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

With this instrument you can record your compositions on a tablet, mobile device or computer, being one of the most recommended digital pianos for music production.

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Main Features Explained



If you are a beginner or professional who wants to record unreleased songs or arrangements on various devices, this piano may be the right choice, since it provides that possibility through the USB TO HOST port. Through it you can perform multimedia functions as if it were a MIDI controller keyboard.

It also has an auxiliary input to connect an external audio player, in this way you can play your favorite songs. Similarly, with the new Melody Suppressor that this piano has incorporated, it will be possible to lower the volume of the melody or voice of the original songs. This will allow you to play and sing along the tracks of your favorite artists.

Also, in this piano model you can record up to 80 minutes of music, something that you may value a lot in live performances or practices with your band. It is even a function that you can use to compose authentic songs.

To make matters worse, it comes with L and R line outputs to connect it to a mixing console and amplify its sound.

Likewise, it has the Groove Creator function, so that you can be the DJ at your family or friends gatherings. With this feature, you can set a rhythm to play, change the groove, and make various adjustments to the mix, all in a single electronic instrument.


There are a wide variety of makes and models on the market, but Yamaha pianos may top the charts, so this instrument might be the one for you, especially if you want to learn to play professionally. This piano offers a wide variety of both basic and advanced functions, so you will not have to buy another for a long time, but you will have the optimal instrument from the beginning.

This piano comes with a sheet music book, so you will practice various songs and will always be learning or developing your skills. In addition to this, you will be able to evolve in terms of expressiveness and dynamism.

If you are a professional pianist, you can also play very complex songs on this instrument, as it has the arpeggio function, which will better harmonize the main melodies.

Its 10 DSP effects can be controlled via rotary potentiometers, for better expressiveness in your presentations. It should be noted that the effects are changed with the Target button, so you will not have to make complex settings to enjoy them.

And, if you like pianos with many voices, this model could meet your expectations, as it comes with 758 high-fidelity instrument sounds. Therefore, you will not lack voices to experiment, giving importance to the development of your creativity.

Additionally, the Yamaha PSR-EW410 comes with two real-time assignable direct drivers, these filter and adjust the sound just like an analog synthesizer. For these and the advantages mentioned above, it may be the best Yamaha piano today.


Design and versatility

This keyboard has a modern and elegant design in black color with an LCD screen where you can see the sounds you choose.

In the same way, we mentioned that it is possible to create new rhythms with this piano, turning each of the tracks on and off, altering sections or adding different effects and using the different effects live.

And regarding the musical accompaniments that the piano brings, we can highlight some such as rock, pop, ballad, jazz, blues, salsa, among others, which will make you feel as if you were playing live with a complete group, according to the keys in which you’re playing, whether they are major or minor.

In the same way, it has 76 keys and sounds from around the world to create your performances. This is even a high sound quality keyboard, with 12 W amplifiers and 12 cm diameter Bass Reflex speakers. The latter offer greater clarity for your presentations without external sound equipment.

Likewise, the opinions of users on the Internet define this piano as one of the most outstanding for use inside and outside the home, due to its full size, but lightweight, which you can carry in a padded cover or the trunk of the car. In addition, its price is not very high, another aspect that users know how to value when they go to buy a digital piano.


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