Opinions about Yamaha P-45B

Main Advantage:

It has efficient functions that allow adequate sound quality similar to that of an acoustic piano, but with the advantage of being portable and practical to play on any occasion.


Main disadvantage:

The volume of the bass keys may be loud, which can dull the melodies of other keys on the right side, making it necessary to control the strength of your fingers.


Verdict: 9.5 / 10

This model with portable properties is developed to be a practical instrument for amateurs and beginners, with 88 weighted keys that provide superior sound quality.

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Main Features Explained



Weighing in excess of 10 kilos, this Yamaha brand digital piano is competitively priced, making it a practical alternative for both beginners and amateurs just starting out in the world of music. This keyboard meets the standards of a classical or acoustic piano, in relation to the number of keys and the sounds it emits. However, its properties are portable. It has an elegant design, with classic features and is available in black, which contrasts with the white and black keys with a matte finish.

With its dimensions of 132.6 x 29.5 x 15.4 cm, it can be easily carried from one side to the other, since it does not take up much space. For its use it is necessary to have an electrical outlet to be able to connect the power supply that will give it the necessary voltage for its operation. It is recommended that, when transporting, the instrument is placed in a case, so that its parts and pieces, many of them delicate and made of plastic, are protected. 

Also, an interesting feature in the design of this Yamaha alternative is that, unlike other digital pianos, it is equipped with a sustain pedal, as well as a music stand for laying down the sheet music.

Connectivity and uses

Some consider this Yamaha model to be the best digital piano you can get, as it has attributes that optimize musical performance and help inexperienced users to relate to the instrument. However, although it may seem simple, it incorporates several modes of use that diversify its functionality. For better use, it is equipped with an instruction manual, which guides the user through the settings and options with which the Yamaha P-45B has been equipped. 

The model is practical for various uses, since it has a connection for headphones and USB, which allows diversifying its functions to obtain mixes and musical alternatives, along with those already included by the manufacturer. It can be easily controlled through the use of a single button and is equipped with a metronome, so the user has the ability to keep track of rhythms and beats while composing musical pieces.

The versatility in use makes it a convenient model for students or people who are in a level between initiation or medium, since it has attributes such as AWM technology, with which you can use some samples of recordings and enjoy them in reverb mode, similar that of a grand piano, no matter where you are.


Functions and keys

Before making a purchase decision, it is wise to look into your digital piano options, as there are many quality manufacturers. However, user opinions agree that Yamaha is one of the best brands when it comes to musical instruments, because it is a company with more than 130 years of experience in the manufacture of these equipment, which has led it to perfect the balance between musical craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that your P-45B model is one of the most efficient and with adequate performance, through functions that enhance performance and improve musical quality. 

We already know that the model has a portable design and that it is easy to use, as it includes a USB connection and AWM technology. However, the functions of this equipment are complemented by 88 hammer keys, which give the sensation of playing the key of an acoustic piano and are graduated according to the register, so it has more weight when playing the low areas and offers a light feeling in the acute areas.

In addition, the Yamaha P-45B piano provides quality sound, with 10 voices included from different instruments, allowing you to switch between musical styles in seconds.


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