Opinions about Yamaha C40 II

Main Advantage:

This classical guitar is a traditional professional-style model, with which you can obtain quality sounds because its tuning responds to an instrument built to combine comfort and a defined tone, with reduction in musical distortions.


Main disadvantage:

The packaging of this Yamaha guitar is poor because it does not meet the protection standards that help prevent the instrument from being struck.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is among the best Spanish guitars for its quality construction and attention to detail, making it an instrument that can be used by teachers and students to provide defined sounds.

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Main Features Explained


Materials and construction 

Spanish guitars are a classic of music because they emit harmonious sounds that can be included in different musical rhythms to create combinations with rich nuances in the tones. However, for them to be of quality, they must be built with high standards and attention to detail, as well as finishes. These characteristics will make the instrument a solid and resistant product that will emit better sounds. In this sense, Yamaha is a manufacturer with years in the music industry, perfecting its techniques for better constructions. Hence, the opinions of users agree that their instruments are among the best on the market. 

With the C40 II, the manufacturer presents a quality Spanish guitar that has been built with a spruce top, while the sides and back are made of meranti and the fingerboard of rosewood, quality woods, with touches of sapwood and that , when worked and joined with the rest of the elements, they provide high precision sounds. It also includes nylon strings.

This combination of the C40 II is not random, it is the product of years of effort to create a balance between traditional craftsmanship and digital technology, resulting in balanced sounds in a state-of-the-art construction.

The price of a Spanish guitar could well be estimated by the design and finishes that have been included in the structure and that, directly, have decisive weight in the quality of the sound, so that in the Yamaha C40 II model the details and aesthetics are much more than a superficial aspect. This guitar has been built in wood and its design is classic.

It has dimensions with a scale of 65 cm in length by 25 cm in width, with a body length of 49 cm, a body width of 37 cm and a total length of 99.5 cm, with a 4/4 size range and six strings nylon. Its color is natural, since it has been manufactured from wood from different trees. However, this Indonesian-made Yamaha guitar has a glossy body finish, which contrasts with the matte tone neck finish. 

Its weight is relatively light, since it does not reach two kilos. Therefore, it is comfortable to play and can be easily transported to take to music school, events, parties or even vacation outings. It is only recommended to place it inside a cover to avoid scratches.


Sound and uses

Due to its design, construction and material properties, this classic Yamaha instrument is considered quality. However, its sound and precise tone are the elements that make it one of the best Spanish guitars on the market. This is because the brand has worked incessantly on the precision of the sounds, clarity in the tones and tuning that make it stand out among its most direct competitors, to generate unmatched rhythms that can be part of any musical genre, from flamenco. even pop, among many other melodies and styles.

The C40 II is distinguished by its balance in sounds, making it a high-end guitar for various uses. Due to the characteristics that converge in this instrument, this guitar is recommended both for music teachers and for adults, youth and children who are in the initial stage of musical learning. In addition, the instrument’s sonic performance is considered top-of-the-line due to its ideal string setting and neck angle. It also includes chrome tuning pegs so precision is always present in every tune.


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