Opinions about the RockJam RJ761-SK

Main Advantage:

You will not have to look for anything else to complement your musical organ, since everything you need is included in the purchase: a stool, the support for the instrument, headphones and a pedal.


Main disadvantage:

The keys on this instrument are somewhat hard, therefore beginners, especially children, may have a difficult time getting used to using them at first. 


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

The comfort and versatility offered by this product make it one of the most outstanding models on the market. Ideal for children and adults, this instrument allows a fun and dynamic learning.

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Main Features Explained


Ideal for practicing

The organ and electronic keyboards are not usually the first choice for beginners who want to start in the music world. It may be the memorization of the keys or the size of the instrument that sometimes terrifies people, but if you give yourself the opportunity to learn to play, you might be surprised.

What you need to do to be completely comfortable when learning is to get one of the best musical organs on the market, suitable for beginners, so your first experience with the instrument will be positive. In this case, this RockJam model is exactly what is needed. Just by touching the top panel you can activate the instrument’s record and playback function. That way, the artifact will record everything you touch and play it back for you, giving you a chance to hear what to improve.

The tablet or sheet music stand will make it easy to practice musical pieces. This keyboard also has the particularity of coming with an application for iPad, where you can play between 30 songs of different genres. The app will listen to the keyboard and tell you everything you need about your performance in real time. To improve, you can use the practice function of the instrument and become a great musician.

All in one

The reason why this RockJam instrument has obtained such good reviews is not only because of the quality of the organ and its excellent sound, but because the brand has decided to give the future instrumentalist everything they need to practice and play. For a single price, you will get different pieces that will complement the experience of playing the keyboard, which will save you the need to spend more money on buying accessories to use the product.

The first thing you will notice is that your purchase includes the stool. This small piece of furniture is adjustable and has the ideal padding to be able to spend hours in front of the instrument comfortably. This stool will put you at the right distance from the keyboard to be able to play it with total ease. In addition to this, to be able to position the instrument in your home comfortably and without occupying other surfaces, you will also get the keyboard support.

Other smaller but equally important accessories that are included in this musical kit are the sustain pedal and headphones. Although you can use the organ speaker, if you don’t want to disturb anyone, just plug in your headphones and keep playing like nothing. The pedal will serve to accompany your musical pieces.



The price of this instrument is adequate for all the things that it brings with it, however, something that also justifies its cost is the great design of the keyboard and the variety of things you can do with it. At first glance, the instrument looks like any other, since its design is the traditional one: a black structure, octaves of the same color and white keys. It’s 61 full-size keys that make up the instrument, with 200 rhythms and tones to play.

At the top, the instrument has two speakers, one on each side, so that the sound has an adequate output and the melodies an optimal resonance. However, the difference in design starts to show when you get to the keyboard control panel. Most models come with buttons of all kinds, however this instrument has a touch panel.

The touchpad makes it easy to configure your keyboard to suit you the best it can be. Also, children will be more motivated to play this instrument by seeing the touch buttons. From this panel you can configure the keyboard to play the different songs incorporated into the repertoire. Its dimensions are 90.4 x 32 x 10.9 cm and the weight of the product is 5.44 kg.


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