Opinions about the Ibanez V50NJP-NT

Main Advantage:

The package includes a complete beginner set, case, strap, tuner, straws, and a small zippered bag to store all accessories there.


Main disadvantage:

This is a guitar for beginners, so if you are a professional guitarist, you should check out other options on the internet that may meet your requirements. However, the sound it emits is powerful and in tune.


Verdict: 9.6 / 10

Although it is one of the lowest priced guitars on the market, its design is suitable for playing various musical genres such as folk, rock, blues, country, jazz and many more.

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Main Features Explained


Case design

Before checking the opinions of this product on the Internet, it is best to take into account aspects like this, since the quality and effectiveness of a guitar depends to a great extent on the box, for example.

With a Dreadnought design and glossy paint finishes, the Ibanez V50NJP-NT is capable of catching the eye of many people. On the top it has fir material, also known as spruce. This is a yellowish brown wood with fine and abundant grain.

In addition, the sides and bottom are mahogany, a reddish brown wood and much darker than spruce. When these two materials are combined to form the soundboard they offer a pleasant sound, thanks to which you can take this guitar to music classes and learn to play it.

Also, on the soundboard there is a black pickguard, which is a typical quality on Dreadnought acoustic guitars. This element is located next to the mouth and protects the cover from possible scratches with the tines. The pickguard is a piece of resistant plastic that is permanently glued to the lid, that is, it cannot be disassembled. Thanks to this piece, the durability of the guitar will be greater, especially if we talk about the painting of the top.


The neck of this instrument is made of mahogany, the same material as the back and sides, so it goes very well with the soundboard. In the same way, it is a resistant wood that serves as a conductor of sound; in other words, it is one of the main woods for sending the string vibrations to the soundboard.

Along with the neck there is a thin piece of rosewood, which is one of the main accessories of the neck, since there the guitarist places his fingers to make the chords and melodies.

However, this instrument uses metal strings, which exert greater force when tuned, demanding much more pressure from the wood. For this reason, the manufacturer incorporates a soul inside the neck, which can be adjusted if a general calibration is necessary. The soul is a metal rod that reinforces the woods of the neck and fingerboard, so that they do not become curved with the tension of the strings or the climatic changes.

Another aspect that we can highlight are the frets, as this product brings 20 in total. All of them offer easy access for the user to play comfortably.



The guitar comes with a set of strings installed, that is, MI, SI, SOL, RE, LA and MI, the first being the finest of all. Because of this, the buyer will not have to assemble the strings or take the instrument to a specialist for this task.

Likewise, this could be the best acoustic guitar for students, because, if the user does not know how to adjust the tension of their strings, the digital tuner that includes the package will help them to perform this task without problems. It should be noted that this tuner should always be used before starting each music class, since this way the instrument will sound properly.

Another important accessory is the Ibanez strap that comes with the purchase of this product. In this way, it will be possible to perform standing up in concerts, musical practices or in those moments when there is no chair nearby. In addition, the package includes a case, to move or store the guitar more comfortably.

It also comes with several straws, which are also known as picks. With them the guitarist will have to touch the strings, since being metallic they could hurt their fingers. As if that were not enough, this instrument comes with a small zippered bag, in which various accessories can be stored.


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