Opinions about the Epiphone DR-100

Main Advantage:

This acoustic guitar features a Dreadnought design with a spruce top, as well as mahogany back and sides. Both woods are one of the most recommended for providing a powerful sound on the soundboard.


Main disadvantage:

It does not have a pre-amplification system, so it will only serve to play acoustically, however, people can use external microphones when performing concerts or practicing with their bands.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

It’s not the best acoustic guitar for professionals, but it features luxurious materials and finishes, as well as a crisp sound that meets the needs of many guitarists.

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Main Features Explained



The body of this guitar is Dreadnought, so it offers good volume and deep bass. It is a slightly squarer design than that of classical guitars. In addition, the Epiphone DR-100 is made with high quality woods, for example, the top has fir, also called spruce. This material provides durability and a good balance between the sounds of the strings.

Also, on the back and sides it has mahogany, a wood that provides adequate sustain and warm sounds. Even thanks to this material, the instrument will have balance with respect to the treble, as well as rich harmonics.

This guitar, despite its good finishes and acoustic qualities, does not come at a high price, which makes it a suitable option for beginners. Of course, for more experienced guitarists it could also be useful, as its use will depend on the type of music they are going to play, for example, country, bluegrass, folk, rock, etc. 

Similarly, on the body of the guitar is a black pickguard with Epiphone’s classic E, which will protect the instrument from unforeseen scratches.

As if that were not enough, we cannot fail to mention the soundhole of the guitar, which is decorated with elegant lines. Also, we talk about the bridge, which is made of rosewood, to adequately resist the tension of the strings.  

Neck and head

This might be the right guitar for you, as it not only has a good quality body, but the neck is sturdy and elegant as well. This piece is made of ocume, a resistant material but at the same time easy to carve, sand, mold, etc.   

A piece of rosewood is glued next to the occupier, which is the piece in which the frets and pearl points are embedded. This is another exotic wood that helps to correctly transmit the sounds of the strings to the soundboard. Consequently, the sound comes out better defined and without any distortion.

Likewise, we mention that the pearl dots help the player to find the notes on the fretboard quickly, as they are intelligently distributed on the 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets.

It should be noted that this guitar has 20 frets on its fingerboard, so, if you buy it, you can play different styles of music on it without any problem.

On the other hand, the head of the guitar has the Epiphone brand stamped, as well as the initials DR on the top that gives access to the soul of the neck. Similarly, this area brings the six pegs on which the strings are held for their respective tension.



The guitar emits a fairly clean sound, in addition, the fingerboard it brings is soft to the touch. In addition to this, you can choose the same model in black, sunburst or natural. This last option is the one that shows the woods used in its elaboration, for example, light brown on the spruce top and reddish brown on the rest of the body.

This is one of the most versatile acoustic guitars , as it comes with fasteners to attach a strap for stand-up performance. In the same way, it is important to know that you bring an Allen key so that it is possible to adjust the soul if it becomes necessary.

Also, the body of the guitar is wider in the lower part and in the upper area it turns out to be a little narrower. In this way, the resonance frequencies found in most acoustic instruments are lowered.

In another vein, we inform you that it has a glossy paint finish, so it stands out a lot at first glance and it seems that it was a high-end instrument. Of course, this combined with the bridge and fingerboard, which have matte finishes.



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