Opinions about Roy Benson RB701123

Main Advantage:

If you are interested in acquiring a quality instrument in terms of sound range and durable materials, this is your best alternative, as it has an 8-inch brass bell and lacquered finish. In addition, it has a case to transport the instrument comfortably and without suffering any damage.


Main disadvantage:

This peg trombone has one of the highest prices on the market, so if you are a little short of money, you should choose another model. However, this is an ideal product for professional trombonists.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This is one of the best alternatives you can find on the market, which is why it is widely used by professional trombonists. In addition, by having a rod system and three stainless steel pistons, you will get a wide range of notes.

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Main Features Explained


Trombone and mouthpiece type

Although the first thing we think about when choosing one of the many trombones that the market offers is its price, there are more important aspects that you should take into account when making your choice. Keep in mind that in the world of trombones there are basically four types, which are classified according to the sound that the instrument emits; tenor, alto, bass, double bass and soprano, so you should mainly define this characteristic before making your choice. Each model is differentiated by the number of valves, the diameter of the pipe, the length of the rod, among others, which, even though it may seem like a simple aesthetic aspect, directly affects the intonation of the instrument.

This product stands out for being a trombone that has three pistons and an extendable rod, so you will get a greater number of notes and different intonations, being a brass-wind musical instrument indicated for professionals looking for a versatile trombone with which they can get interpret a wide variety of songs, being an ideal model to interpret various musical genres such as blues, jazz, light music, classical music. It provides a very bright sound, making it ideal if you are playing in an orchestra.

Note range and bell

The range of notes that the instrument achieves will determine the use that you can give the instrument, as well as the musical genres that you can interpret with it. In the previous section, it was hinted that, depending on the type of trombone you use, you will be able to play a certain range of notes, so the opinions of most trombonists define the tenor-type model as the model with the widest range of notes. It has, in addition to being one of the most common among professional musicians looking for sound versatility, since it has more variables and is usually the one to start with this instrument. 

As you would expect, this three-piston tenor trombone comes factory tuned in B flat, so it offers a great variety and range of notes thanks to its piston and rod system, which can be moved in up to seven different positions. , depending on the length of the tube. Although this instrument does not allow rapid expansion and retraction movements, it is an ideal model for performing glissandos, which refers to a rapid scale between two notes. In addition, it has an 8-inch brass bell, so the sound it emits is distinctive and a bit exaggerated in terms of intonation.


Materials and ergonomics

Finally, it is extremely important that you look at the quality and type of materials that have been used in the making of this instrument, since, to choose the best trombone, you must take care of this aspect. This characteristic defines several things in the instrument such as weight, durability and price on the market, since you can find models made of plastic, metal or even nickel. While some are cheaper and less professional, others are more expensive but ideal for trombonists who are used to performing at concerts. This tenor trombone model sports an overall lacquered finish and features a brass bell, as well as three stainless steel pistons.

In addition to the materials with which the instrument is made, you should be very attentive to the comfort of use or ergonomics, so that you have the security of being able to interpret your favorite songs in a comfortable way. This product incorporates a 12.7-millimeter rod, in addition to its dimensions being 37 x 33 x 99 centimeters. On the other hand, it weighs 5.3 kilograms, making it an ideal professional trombone for trombonists who are used to long performances and concerts, allowing them to let their musical creativity flow. This instrument has been developed jointly by professional musicians and experienced musical instrument makers.


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