Opinions about Roland TD1K

Main Advantage:

The Roland TD1K electronic drum kit stands out for incorporating a V-Drums sound module that guarantees to achieve a range of impeccable sounds, as well as extraordinary sensations. In addition, it has an ergonomic and elegant design that allows it to easily adapt to any room space.


Main disadvantage:

If you are looking for an electronic drum kit that has pedals that allow you to practice foot control at various speeds, you may need to choose another model, as the feel of the pedals can be a bit annoying.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

Definitely a good purchase option, especially if you are looking for an electronic drum set that can be adjusted to the height of children and does not take up a lot of space or make a lot of noise.

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Main Features Explained


Sound module

If you are interested in acquiring an electronic drums but you don’t know where to start, it is important that you have a clear series of basic aspects that will help you choose the model of this instrument that best suits your musical level and personal needs. If you are looking for the best electronic drums, we recommend you take into account the opinions of the most experienced musicians, who assure that the most important aspect to consider before making your choice is the sound module that includes the drums you are about to buy. . However, remember that this aspect will directly affect the price that the product will have. 

The sound module is key to obtaining good sound quality, as well as allowing you to adjust and customize the sounds that the instrument generates to give you the opportunity to perform various musical genres and themes. 

You can do this with the V-Drums sound module that incorporates the TD1K, which stands out for offering superior and high quality sound, as well as the possibility of recording the songs you play on your computer using a USB to MIDI cable. In addition, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use control design that allows you to access all functions quickly, as well as an LCD screen that allows you to quickly see useful information such as the metronome and tempo.

Pads and kits

Another of the most important features of this and all electronic drums in general are the pads and kits that the instrument incorporates. As for the pads, it is important that you keep in mind that they are responsible for emitting the sounds, since without them you will not be able to interpret any song. It is necessary that you observe the manufacture, quality and resistance of this component before making your choice, so that you guarantee that they will sound as you wish and will resist the thousands of hits that you will give them with the drumsticks. Additionally, this model gives you the opportunity to improve its performance by including additional crash cymbals.

In this sense, you will see that the Roland TD1K has a complete kit, since this model has 4 high-quality pads, 3 cymbals and 2 pedals, making it a complete instrument for any musician from beginner to professional level. 

This model has up to 15 percussion kits that allow you to play a wide range of styles and musical genres such as rock, blues, jazz and world music, among many others. Just press a button on the sound module to immediately change the kit and go to another sound.


Design and ergonomics

Another of the most important and necessary aspects that you should look at is the design of the instrument and its ergonomics. In principle, one of the differences between electronic and traditional drums is that they take up much less space, since acoustic drums have cymbals, a resonance box and many other elements that make them more robust, occupying a much larger place. In addition, they are much more complicated to move than electronic models, so if you are interested in moving it constantly, we recommend you look closely at this aspect.

On the other hand, keep in mind that your comfort can make the difference between a masterful performance or one that goes unnoticed, so ergonomics is key when choosing the best electronic drum kit. This electronic drum kit has an elegant and aesthetic design, with dimensions of approximately 100 x 120 x 125 cm, allowing it to easily fit anywhere. It has an ergonomic stand that is easily adjusted for all types of users such as children and adults. You can even modify the height of each plate, as well as the inclination of the box according to your tastes and comfort.


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