Opinions about Roland SE-02

Main Advantage:

Manufactured by one of the best-known music brands of all time, this synthesizer model employs independently functioning analog circuitry to create vintage sounds. In addition, it has a manual control thanks to its wide variety of dials and switches.


Main disadvantage:

If you are looking for a synthesizer model that allows you to take it comfortably anywhere on any of your trips or for presentations in other places, we recommend you look at another of the models offered by the current market.


Verdict: 9.6 / 10

If you are looking for a professional rack-type synthesizer at a good price to add special effects to your productions, we recommend this powerful model that has a 24dB bass filter.

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Main Features Explained


Sound and filters

When searching for the best synthesizer, you should always take into consideration a series of technical characteristics that will determine how you can use the device. It is important to keep in mind the purpose of the synthesizer and what your main need is, in order to make a choice according to your real needs. One of the most important aspects that usually opens up any synthesizer comparison is the sound quality. This powerful model stands out for having a vintage sound thanks to its completely analogue independent system and which, in turn, allows easy programming of sounds thanks to an integrated sequencer.

This model allows you to select from the 384 presets that are pre-installed at the factory, which allow you to achieve a wide range of modern and classic sounds. In addition, you can retouch any of these sounds, so that you will easily create new compositions and you can save them in one of the 128 user memory spaces. On the other hand, it has a 24dB bass filter and an amplifier with double stage gain that will allow you to achieve a powerful sound. It incorporates three oscillators with six different waveforms that you can control by means of voltage.

Connectivity with other equipment

As well as sound quality, connectivity and integration possibilities with other equipment such as computers is a determining aspect when choosing a good synthesizer. Listening to the opinions of the most experienced users, you will be able to realize that, nowadays, all professionals use digital sound editing, editing and manipulation systems, of which most agree that the sounds coming from an analog device they have a characteristic texture and much more real than digital sounds. Taking this into account, synthesizer manufacturers have incorporated the possibility of connecting their devices to a computer to take advantage of new technologies and users have greater creative possibilities.

This Roland trademark synthesizer model features CV, VCF and CV inputs. Plus, it features a trigger input / output, as well as handy 1/8-inch stereo jacks that help keep your cables tidy. On the other hand, this model includes a MIDI connection port that will allow you to connect any other standard instrument, such as a keyboard. As if that were not enough, its chain mode function stands out, which will allow you to connect two or more equal synthesizers to expand the polyphony.


Motor and control

Although it is in last position, this technical characteristic is far from being unimportant, since the motor is the controlling brain of this team. Before making your purchase, especially if you are going to use the synthesizer for professional purposes, it is highly recommended that you look very carefully at the engine that incorporates the model you are going to choose. The motor of this synthesizer is monophonic and includes three oscillators that can be controlled by voltage. These oscillators have six different types of complex waveforms, which can be associated with true analog VCOs.

In addition, these oscillators have a temperature stabilizer, as well as the possibility of having an automatic tuning. This is a large, powerful motor device that delivers thick, well-defined bass as well as crisp, vibrant highs, bringing together all the hallmarks of a vintage and classic synth. This model is made with a very solid metal structure with great durability. It incorporates a series of heavy-duty, easy-to-operate switches and dials. Although it has a compact design, it has a large selection of controls, so you can easily take it anywhere.


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