Opinions about Gibson Les Paul Studio 2021 T

Main Advantage:

This guitar offers the characteristic sound of Gibson’s 490R and 498T split coil pickups, therefore it is suitable for playing chords and melodies in various musical genres, jazz, rock and roll, blues, etc.


Main disadvantage:

Being a studio range the finishes are not as impressive as other Gibson models, however, it is an elegant guitar with a retro design capable of pleasing the most demanding users.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Thanks to the fact that it comes with a hard case made to measure for this guitar model, people can store the instrument without any problem in it. In this way transport becomes less complicated and safer.

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Main Features Explained



Before checking the opinions about electric guitars on the Internet, it is best to review the characteristics of this instrument. Its body is inspired by the standard Gibson model, offering a cover with a shock and scratch guard. In addition, the woods have been chosen intelligently, so that the weight of the guitar is not excessive, combining maple and mahogany, two resistant materials that transmit the vibrations of the strings in an adequate way.

Also, it should be noted that the price of this model is lower than the high-end Gibson electric guitars. In this sense, the buyer will be able to have an optimal instrument without having to invest too much money.

In addition to this, we mention that on the front of the body there are the 4 rotary buttons for equalization and volume, through them the musician can adjust the sound of the guitar to his liking. Even in this area are the 2 Gibson 490R and 498T pickups; With these we mean the microphones that pick up the sounds of the strings.

On the other hand, on the front there is also the 3-way button, to choose whether you are going to play with the Rhythm sound for the chords or the Treble for the solos.

Fingerboard and head

This is probably one of the best electric guitars on the market, as it has a rosewood fingerboard, a wood that withstands humidity and changes in weather. This material is quite elegant with its brown color and natural grain. Also, the fingerboard has white trapezoidal inlays, that is, one of the most used by Gibson. These fulfill the same role as the dots on frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, etc. In other words, its mission is to inform in a much easier and faster way where on the fretboard the guitarist is playing.

Additionally, this model features Gibson’s classic headstock, which offers precision tuning and adds a retro touch to the design. There is even a small cap secured with a screw on the head, which is there to protect the neck of the neck from moisture or dust, as it is made of metal and the calibration of the instrument largely depends on it. 

On the other hand, in the upper front part of the head you can find the Gibson logo and in the center the Les Paul model. Both names are gold in color and the bottom of the head is black.



It is a versatile American-made guitar with which people can learn to play and even perform at concerts. This is because it offers the characteristic and timeless sound of Gibson. Plus, its push-pull rotary knobs offer more advanced equalization with unique effects.  

In another vein, we mention its buttons to hang the strap, which are located at the ends of the guitar to provide better balance when playing standing up.

Also, it should be noted that the guitar has a typical 1/4 ”output for audio cable, so it is possible to connect it to professional amplifiers and sound mixers. It’s even an optimal guitar to use in recording studios, of course, depending on what sound you want in the mix.

In addition to this, its paint finishes are mirror-like, since it has shiny nitrocellulose. In fact, the head has elegant paint finishes, so that many people can be satisfied with this Les Paul guitar model. In short, it is a cheap product, but with professional quality, so that the guitarist can enjoy good sounds for several years.



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