Opinions about Cherrystone Dorado

Main Advantage:

Ideal for children who are learning to use this instrument, this Cherrystone brand tenor trombone is made with a silver nickel mouthpiece, in addition to having a light backpack in which your child can carry the instrument comfortably.


Main disadvantage:

This is a learning instrument, since, if you are an experienced trombonist and looking for a model with pegs, you should opt for another alternative. However, it is a very resistant instrument thanks to the lacquered brass body up to 84 centimeters long.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

If what you are looking for is a trombone with which your child can get into music, using an instrument with beautiful finishes and that is tenor, this is one of the best alternatives you will find.

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Main Features Explained


Trombone type

Before starting to compare between the trombones, it is necessary that you take into account the opinions of the experts, so that your purchase is the most effective, so it is recommended to know a little more about the difference between the types of trombones that exist in the market. Mainly, there are four types of this instrument that differ according to the registry; the soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Tenor trombones are the most common, since they are the most versatile, as well as being recommended if you are starting to play this instrument.

This musical instrument stands out for being a tenor trombone for children, ideal for interpreting a wide variety of musical genres such as jazz, blues and classical music, among many others, so its presence is frequent in orchestras. Its extendable and reducible U-shaped rod allows different lengths to be achieved, achieving up to seven different positions, being a perfect musical instrument to perform glissandos or fast scales between two notes, as it is not a very fast instrument. Keep in mind that, before thinking about the price of the instrument, it is suggested to look at the type, tuning and range of notes that the instrument achieves.

Note range and pitch

In view of the many models that the market offers, to choose a new trombone , it is important to know the range of notes that this instrument generates, especially since the market offers various types and models with a large repertoire of tunings to choose from. that, it can be said that there is a trombone for each musical genre. This children’s version of the tenor trombone has a water valve that expands the range of notes that can be achieved with this instrument, making it an ideal option for any user who is trying to learn to use it.

However, in addition to the wide range of notes that your child will be able to get out of this instrument, it is important that you take into account the tuning that the product has, before making the purchase. To choose the best trombone, it is best to know what use you will give it, since you can get models with different tunings. However, it should be noted that this tenor trombone for children incorporates a valve that allows you to easily change the key from B flat, which is the default tuning, to G, F or D, if necessary.


Design and materials

Although sometimes it is mistakenly thought that design is not a factor that deserves to be taken into account, there is nothing further from reality, since this aspect will determine the comfort and the total time in which you can play and hold this instrument, which should be the length of the entire song or concert. Luckily, this trombone model for children does not weigh more than 2.36 kilograms, so it is very possible that your child will be able to hold it for as long as necessary. In addition, it has dimensions of up to 84 centimeters in total length and 54 without the rod. It is also necessary to consider that the mouthpiece that it incorporates has a diameter of up to 12.3 centimeters, achieving a clear and bright sound.

Last but not least, it is recommended to look at the materials with which the instrument is made, which will help you get an idea of ​​the durability and resistance that the product will have in the hands of a child. This tenor trombone has a mouthpiece made of highly durable steel and a silver nickel plated finish. The body of the instrument is made of gold-colored lacquered and polished brass, which gives it an elegant and very attractive appearance. It is worth mentioning that, with the purchase of this product, you will receive a sturdy carrying case, which will help you keep the instrument in better condition, as well as easily transport it anywhere.


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