Meet three guitars inspired by Game of Thrones: Jaguar Lannister, Telecaster Stark and Stratocaster Targaryen

If you are a guitar lover and a fervent follower of Game of Thrones, you will be interested to know that there are currently three electric guitars for sale with the Fender quality seal, inspired by this television series, which has been considered one of the most viewed in the last times.


Game of Thrones has been a television phenomenon that has managed to capture the attention of people of all ages. This saga has crossed borders, registering audiences on five continents. Without a doubt, it is a production that has managed to position itself in people’s hearts.

Such has been the media impact generated by the final season of this saga, that the big brands have not missed the opportunity to present to the market limited editions of some of their products, with designs alluding to the houses of Game of Thrones.

Fender could not be left behind and therefore decided to get to work, making three electric guitars inspired by that series. Each design is licensed by HBO and also has the support of great guitarists of the scene, such as Scott Ian from Anthrax, Tom Morello famous for Range Against The Machine, and Nuno Betancourt from Extreme, who have lent their image to promote these luxury models.


Meet Jaguar, Telecaster and Stratocaster

Jaguar, Telecaster and Stratocaster are the names of the three guitars made by Ron Thorn, creative mind and construction master, a member of the Fender company team. Each of the guitars has a well-defined concept, rooted in the Lannister, Stark and Targaryen houses of Game of Thrones. To do this, Thorn carefully studied the series and thus managed to capture the significant details of the stamps in each of the designs. Added to this are the high levels of quality that identify the brand and the characteristic features of the instrument.

We know that you want to know the specification of each of these models in depth, so it is time to leave the preambles. Here are the three Game of Thrones-inspired guitars that promise to become cult objects for any collector:




Fender Jaguar, Lannister design

Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar that during the 60s was used for the interpretation of surf rock, reappearing in the 90s thanks to alternative rock.

Currently, this new design has been made with high quality raw materials such as the alder wood present in the body of the guitar, as well as the ebony of the bridge and maple of the neck.

In addition, the body of the instrument incorporates on both sides of the structure a 24 carat gold leaf, in which some details allusive to the Lannister house from Game of Thrones stand out. The engraving work has been well cared for, thus offering quality finishes.

We cannot fail to mention that the instrument has a striking aesthetic that recalls Jaime’s imposing armor. The frame has a bright gold tone with red, gold plywood on the knobs and other areas. Regarding its cost, this piece can be yours for only $ 30,000.


Fender Telecaster, Stark design

The Fender Telecaster electric guitar is characterized by having a solid body, known worldwide as “the tabla”. Its design is usually quite simple and generates the sound through its two pickups, being directed to genres such as punk, soft rock, rock in the style of the 60s, math rock, new wave and country.

On this occasion, the new version is a model that stands out for having a resistant, light and stylish structure. Swamp ash was used to make its body, with greyish finishes that closely resemble Winterfell wood. 

In addition, the bridge of the instrument is made of ebony and the neck was built in maple. The guard is made of nickel-silver alloy, offering an interesting engraving work that reveals the shield of the Stark house. It is a direwolf with great detail, which is once again the protagonist in the first space of the structure. Finally, we have the neck plate and knobs in sterling silver 925.

The cost? You will only need $ 25,000 to acquire what many consider the best value for money electric guitar and the cheapest of these three examples.




Fender Stratocaster, Targaryen design

Fender Stratocaster is an electric guitar conceived in 1954 and that today is one of the most imitated by competitors. The updated version of the model has a body that is characterized by being solid. The connection between the body and the neck is through four screws and incorporates a total of three sound pickups in standard configuration.

The instrument has been made with alder-type wood and in turn carved in a rather meticulous way, taking care of every detail to project the appearance of the scaly skin of a dragon. For its part, high-end leather was selected for the guard, which in turn was engraved with the figure of the three-headed dragon and the shield of the Targaryen house. In the same way, it was engraved in the first space in sterling silver. Its purchasing power is $ 35,000, being the most expensive of the three models.

It is important to mention that with the purchase of the Jaguar, Telecaster or Stratocaster electric guitar, you will enjoy comfortable cases with designs according to each of the houses.


About Fender

The story begins in the 1940s with Leo Fender with the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, which years later became Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The company from its beginnings was dedicated to the manufacture of guitars and basses, achieving a pleasant position in the music market and increasing over the years the catalog of string instruments, amplifiers and others. Of its founder we can say that he died in 1991, after a strong fight against Parkinson’s.


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