Life Concert, live ecological music

Life Concert aims to change the concept of noisy and excessively lit concerts through musical activities in which participants will have to use their headphones in order to hear the sound live. All this, with the use of solar energy and a sustainable recycling control.


Concerts with solar energy

It is no secret to anyone that live concerts require high energy consumption, since amplifiers, speakers, lights, etc., need a lot of electricity to work. That is, the direct ones provide pollution for the planet.

Therefore, in Chile, Life Concert promises to perform live concerts using solar energy. This means that with the use of the same nature, the stereos can be turned on and later listened to through headphones.

Perhaps solar energy is not as powerful as standard electricity, however, for this project it will be sufficient as large sound amplifiers and lighting will not be used.




The Jaivas start this adventure

The first concert was held on September 28, 2020, with an approximate participation of 2000 people. In addition, other participants joined via the Internet via streaming. The chosen place was Parque Araucano, one of the most emblematic green sites in Santiago de Chile.

The band that debuted in this first activity was Los Jaivas, one of the most prominent in Chile. This group was born in 1963 and is still active playing progressive rock, psychedelic rock, Chilean folklore, Latin American fusion, among other musical genres. In addition to this, this band has musicalized works by Pablo Neruda, it has even participated in the soundtrack of the Chilean film Palomita Blanca.

When they invited this band to the concert, its members were amazed, because they found the environmental proposal of Life Concert interesting and fun. Mario Mutis thought they were joking when the organizers of the activity invited him, since a silent concert is the complete opposite of what he had always seen. However, Los Jaivas had a total reception to this ecological musical project, as they are very open to new experiences.  

The songs chosen to sing in this concert were not chosen at random, but carefully revised, so that they will be adapted to the type of activity that Life Concert proposes. Likewise, the electronic drums were incorporated , since the acoustics sound quite loud.


Smart recycling

Yes, as part of the ecological proposal, Life Concert offers a good use of the concert waste, so that the contamination of the environment is reduced to a minimum. This is thanks to the Basura Foundation, whose founder and president is Macarena Guajardo, a Chilean architect who promotes caring for the planet through sustainable recycling.

The objective of this foundation is to make people aware so that the misuse of waste is reduced. With the slogan Garbage does not exist, this organization wants Chilean citizens and the entire world to recycle as much waste as possible, so that the pollution of the planet is reduced.

Life Concert, in alliance with the Basura Foundation, will use smart recycling to take advantage of the waste that results from live concerts, in which many people eat and drink.


Healthy food 

At the concerts there will be food, so that people can buy and eat while listening to live music. One of the possibilities is food trucks, which are vehicles with special compartments to prepare and sell food anywhere.

In addition, thanks to the recycling points, food waste can be stored without polluting the environment where the concerts are held.




No noise pollution

Life Concert does not worry about how much it costs to carry out these types of activities, but that noise pollution is reduced to zero, since sounds with high decibels can cause problems in the hearing, mental and physical health of one or more people the time. In addition, there are companies that sponsor your events.

For example, Sspectrum, a company with a lot of experience in the acoustic area, works hand in hand with Life Concert, so their activities will not use sound equipment that generates noise, but rather they will be carried out at the appropriate volume levels. for people’s health.

Participants will connect via WiFi through their smartphones to be able to listen to the sounds of guitar, bass, voice, drums, etc. Simply put, the total mix of what is happening on stage is what people will hear on headphones. For this reason, participants must have high-quality headphones, so that the reception of high, medium and low sounds is clear. Otherwise, the sound will not be immersive or entertaining.

An advantage of listening to the concert through headphones is that, if the mix is ​​well done, the listening experience of the person will be much better than in a conventional concert. This is because in common concerts the stereo sound the listener will enjoy depends on the position the listener is in relative to the speakers. In this sense, the participant will have to be in the center of the LEFT and RIGHT speakers so that their ears can accurately perceive the stereo effects of the music. 


Shows via streaming

The followers of the Life Concert project will be able to enjoy the concerts live, attending the venue or watching them online via streaming. In this way, people who are in other countries or distant places will be able to see and hear the concerts.

Likewise, it should be noted that to connect and see a specific concert live, people can access the official Life Concert page, so that they do not miss any special and support the holding of ecological concerts of this Chilean organization.



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