Fun, music and ukulele? Get everything in one product: Xiaomi Populele

Among the brands of electronic devices that have managed to climb to position themselves among the most attractive in the market is undoubtedly Xiaomi, until now we associate it with mobile phones, but now it has also ventured into the world of music with nothing less than a ukulele interactive.


Since the birth of electronic instruments we have not stopped seeing developments in this sector, and it is that the companies that dominate the technology market do not stop paying attention to this segment that day by day adds more followers, well we could consider music as a necessity and those who seek to become its interpreters are not lacking.

Thinking about this need, the Chinese brand focused on including technology in various areas of life, Xiaomi, has decided to surprise all those who seek not only to have fun, but also to enjoy learning to play the ukulele. To achieve this, it offers us a 1.72 kg device, inspired by the well-known Hawaiian guitar, which is recognized worldwide for its versatility to adapt to various musical styles. It has a compact size and particular sound, but in addition to the traditional use that we can have on any ukulele, we must add other qualities such as its connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0, LED lights and its application developed by the same brand, which adds interesting functions for users.


Physical characteristics

We cannot talk about an instrument without stopping for a moment to review its physical qualities; in this sense, the Populele in its initial version has a fir panel with maple tops. From this perspective, we can already classify it as an instrument that is definitely not within the toy classification, as it is designed to offer quality sound, capable of meeting the expectations of any musician who plans to have a good time.

On the other hand, its fingerboard unlike an acoustic ukulele is made of resistant ABS, something that allows it to include other functions and decorations, such as the LED lights that show the guides and make it attractive. Finally, it includes a set of nylon strings, so its sound is soft and many describe it as velvety and pleasant and it should be noted that these are attached to the harmonic box by means of buttons, which gives it an even more appearance. modern.





It is normal that when you feel motivated, several hours of practice seem like a short time. So that you do not stay without playing because the battery of the ukulele has run out, this model includes a rechargeable 800mAh battery, with this you could play around 10 hours and in the short period of 2 hours it will be ready again for another session of music. While on the other hand, charging can be obtained through a practical micro USB connection.

In addition, you can always know the status of the battery, thanks to 4 LED lights on the fretboard, which are focused on indicating this information.


Analysis of your application

Another feature that users enjoy the most when acquiring this model is that it includes an interactive application, which bears the same name as the model. This can guide you in a very similar way to what a real teacher would do, so that in this way you learn to play ukulele through a fun method and in the shortest possible time, but with the advantage that you can practice at the moment so you decide, for the time you choose and without having to attend face-to-face classes. 

The application is downloaded to your mobile phone to synchronize with the instrument, in such a way that as both devices are interconnected, it is possible to know which string and on which fret you are playing, at the same time as making voice suggestions, all with the purpose that the apprentice feels accompanied at all times. Errors are also corrected and the successes that the user is getting while learning are recognized. In addition, it must be recognized that the methodology on which the learning is based is valid for anyone, even if they have never had contact with an instrument before, so you do not have to worry about having previous bases, you can acquire them without problems .

It should be added that all the indications to connect the devices are simple, but if you have doubts on the manufacturer’s page there is more information and illustrations for the procedure, it is something simple to do.

Additionally, those who have this application will have access to very useful functions in musical learning such as a chord library and tuner, among others.




Added improvements in Populele 2

For the more modern version of this instrument, we can notice some differences, such as its physical appearance, where the mouth is not in the center of the strings, but in the upper left corner, it will also be possible to acquire this new version in two colors , black and white, in order to reach a greater number of users who give this feature greater importance and in terms of its application, it will now be possible to even challenge other users or friends who have this instrument. Also included is a Shazam-like feature that can recognize the melody you’re playing.

As we can see, Xiaomi continues to bet on this instrument by adding functions and making it even more attractive, in such a way that in a comparison we can well consider it among the market models as one of the best ukuleles of 2020 , not only for being modern and innovative, but because of its varied qualities, which satisfy both advanced players and beginners, who see music as a way to distract themselves from the daily routine. Although its cost is in comparison higher than that of an acoustic one, it is most likely that many are willing to pay the difference, in order to have access to all its advantages.



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