Find out what is new Roland has for you in its FP-10 model

A great digital piano at a reduced price is the dream of many students, who seek to enter the world related to this interesting and versatile instrument. That is precisely what the Roland brand seeks when launching its FP-10 model. An 88-key piano that can offer a pleasant playing experience.


One of the companies that have competed for many years for a place in the great piano market is Roland. Its extensive trajectory, which has now reached almost 50 years, cannot go unnoticed and day by day it continues to seek to innovate in this segment. In this way, we are talking about a company that has extensive experience in the design of this type of instrument and does not intend to stagnate, as it continues to experiment to meet the increasingly demanding needs of users.

There are several outstanding models that the brand has managed to position in the market, including the FP-60, a versatile option that can be used both at home and in a recording studio, or the FP-90, a portable digital piano. and powerful. However, this may not be exactly what a beginning student might be looking for. That is why the brand, upon detecting this unattended segment, set to work to create a product tailored to these needs.

With its FP-10 model, Roland tries to reach a segment that, although it has been approached by other brands, they do not do so with the style and experience of the Japanese house, which has patented technology to cover the deficiencies of other models with those that will compete, seeking to satisfy all those who want a piano with great qualities, but also at an affordable cost. Reviewing its most relevant aspects, we can say that it inherits several characteristics from the FP-30 version, which is one of the brand’s best-selling models, but with the appeal of being a more affordable digital piano.

Let’s analyze in detail some of its qualities:


Graduated weight keyboard

The sensation of playing an acoustic piano is very peculiar. This is due to many things, but among them the force with which the keys must be pressed, since it generally differs from that which must be applied on a digital piano; or at least that was the case until a few years ago. This aspect has tried to be emulated by different digital piano design companies for several years, and it must be recognized that one of the brands that has achieved a great similarity in this aspect is Roland.

If you want a similar experience but with the advantages of a digital piano, this may be your option, since it includes technology to make the keys of the high registers softer, while those that correspond to the bass sounds will have a more rigid sensitivity. This is due to the touch detection sensors. With them, the interpreter can give the melody a better expression.





Although we might think that everything has already been said in terms of alternative functions for the use of a digital piano, the truth is that brands continue to surprise us in their goal of creating the best digital piano ( here are some options to choose from ) on the market. In this sense, it is interesting that the FP-10 model has a Twin piano function, focused on those who take piano lessons. It is an alternative in which both the student and the teacher could play together on the piano with the same register scale. Or put another way, in the same octaves.



Today the need to transmit the sound of an instrument to other media, be it an amplification system, an application for sound editing or simply to record the melodies played is essential. This the Roland brand knows and that is why this model is provided with a Bluetooth MIDI / USB MIDI interface. In this way, you can use the connection path of your choice. It is also designed in such a way that it is compatible with applications such as Apple’s GarageBand or Roland’s Piano Partner 2 *, to make the user experience more attractive in terms of editing options.



We can’t talk about a digital piano without wondering how it sounds. In this sense, it should be noted that this model has been provided with the Roland SuperNATURAL sound engine, to give it an acoustic very similar to that of a string piano. This engine is understood not only by the amount of sounds registered in its memory, because in reality it is a much more complex system in which the speakers work together, for example, and of course the dynamism that its technology can offer.

Additionally, you can change the sound to others such as organ, strings and different nuances of electric pianos, so that you do not limit your creativity when composing new melodies.




Key size and texture

To pamper the most demanding users, it must be said that the touch of the keys is very attractive, since the surface of them has been treated to give a non-slip feel and very similar to ivory.

Another aspect that could be interesting is the fact that it is an 88-key piano, which means that you will have all the high and low registers of a complete piano. However, you will not have the space problem that this usually implies. This is because the piano has a reduced dimensions of 128.4 x 25.8 cm, which make it a portable and practical option, so that you can take it where you need it, or simply so that it does not take up too much space in your instrument room. In addition, this without detracting from comfort.



To mention a few accessories, which can be adapted to this piano model, there is a DP-10 sustain pedal. In this way, you can interpret melodies with great drama and generate a more spacious sound. You can also put it on a special stand, which can provide more comfort and stability.

If you have been interested in this attractive Roland proposal, we will add that you can find it for a cost of around 400 euros. A fairly affordable price considering that it is a highly prestigious brand and given the characteristics of the model.


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