Fernando Barroso: a musician who with determination achieved his dream

Determination and perseverance are two words that perfectly describe Fernando Barroso, who preferred to abandon a promising career in the world of physics and chemistry to dedicate himself completely to music. Thus, his almost 10-year career and two solo albums position him as a prestigious musician.


In the chordophone family you will find the mandolin, which is an instrument with a shape similar to that of a guitar, but in a small format and with the particularity of incorporating four double metal strings.

This instrument has had a great evolution from its predecessor: the mandolin and there are several types of mandolins, three of them being the most used in country and popular – folk music. In any case, if any of them attract your attention, you should know that there are manufacturers that currently compete to offer the best mandolin ( if you click here, you have several purchase options ) on the market and use very interesting techniques to give it that particular shine to its sound .

On the other hand, the instrument was also incorporated into the world of rock, so it can be heard in the songs of the British hard rock group Led Zeppelin, as well as in the performances of the British rock musician, producer and composer Rod Stewart, although the truth is that we rarely find it as a main sound in compositions. However, this may change in the future, since although we are not talking about an instrument of great popularity in the musical arena such as the guitar, the mandolin has achieved a certain prominence in academic music, due to its unique and tuned sound. .

Today, many are the players who keep the mandolin tunes alive. Fernando Barroso is one of those who with effort and perseverance has managed to forge a solid musical career playing this instrument. His latest production was released on the market during the month of January of last year, but the interpreter of “Intropía”, “Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces” and other great hits, continues to work.


The beginning of a dream

Fernando Barroso was born in the late 1970s in the city of Ferrol, in a Spanish municipality north of La Coruña. He studied at the “University of Vigo”, obtaining in 2010 a doctorate in Physics – Chemistry. However, during 2011 he decided to turn his life around and dedicate himself fully to music. For many, this was a madness that predicted failure, but Barroso continued to pursue his cherished dream, which was nothing more than playing the mandolin at a professional level.


Determination and perseverance were the keys to his success

At the beginning it was a bit difficult for the interpreter to make himself known, but little by little he managed to stand out in the world of music. Thus, his eternal passion became his new livelihood.

Barroso was the founder of Assembly and TRIM Point. He worked with long-standing musicians such as Julio Pereira, Anxo Lorenzo and Xabier Díaz. In addition, he was a member of the bands “Os Cempés”, “Riobó”, “Budiño” and “Paratraditional”, as well as being part of “NEXO”, a musical laboratory that was under the direction of Donald Shaw and great European musicians. as Americans. During these almost 10 years of experience, Barroso has taken his music to national and international places, accompanying important bands and musicians.


A new solo stage

2016 marked a before and after in Barroso’s musical career, who after five years of abandoning his activity in the world of science to pursue his dream with the mandolin, decides to launch his first solo album. The name of the production is “Intropia”. It is an album conceived in the studio, with the collaboration of prominent international musicians. In addition, Barroso appears in this record production as a multi-instrumentalist, playing not only the mandolin.

Two years passed so that his followers could enjoy a new work: “Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces”. In this project, the interpreter puts the tunes emitted with the mandolin as the absolute protagonist, in a production that demonstrates his evolution as a musician. It is about 12 original pieces, created to be played live. In them you will find the accompaniment of the cellist Margarida Mariño, who is the head of the “Vigo 43 Symphony Orchestra”, “Duo Treme” and the “Ensamble Galería”.

Also, it is important to mention that the composer of “Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces”, has been inspired by classical and modern composers. In this way, he obtained pieces that mix the rhythms and nuances of popular, Persian, baroque and jazz music.



In his 2018 record production, “Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces”, the song “Ausencia” appears. This piece is one of the main ones on the album, which has managed to capture the attention of those who listen to it due to its peculiar lyrics. It is an adaptation made to a popular song, in which homage is paid to the Villa de Marín. 

The composer and producer decided to make some modifications and dedicate the song to the city of Ferrol, the land where it was born. For this song, he had the collaboration of the well-known Portuguese interpreter Celina de Piedade, who lent her voice and played the accordion.

In some interviews Barroso has been asked why he created this popular song. To this, the artist responds that it is a way of expressing dependence and the so-called “attachment” that the vast majority of people experience when they are far from the place where they were born.


Sound diversity

If something characterizes Fernando Barroso is the fact of taking risks, creating tunes full of nuances that make his audience fall in love, in order to forge a personal style, which after listening to just a couple of chords people can identify that it is a song by its authorship.

This is one of the reasons why, in his second solo production, he decided to incorporate fewer collaborations and instead merged the music of the mandolin with that of the cello, which this time is played by the young prodigy Margarida Mariño. Like Barroso, the cellist enjoys sonic fusion. In fact, in his recitals he uses loops and pedals for voice effects, evoking genres such as triphop and postrock.


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