Child drummer surprises the jury at the Tam Tam DrumFest

Sergio ‘Drummer’ Rodríguez is the child drummer who won first place in a Tam Tam DrumFest contest. Facing 200 participants, almost all adults, he earned the admiration and respect of the jury. His technique and imagination for playing drums were the qualities that made him stand out from the other participants.


Musical tour of Sergio ‘Drummer’ Rodríguez

Rodríguez began his musical studies with his father, who tried him on the guitar and bass, instruments that were not very well received by the boy. Later, he began his apprenticeship with the piano, in which he did well, but not enough to dedicate himself fully to it.

It was while taking drums lessons that he learned that his heart was in percussion. That is, for Sergio the drumsticks, drums and cymbals are more striking elements than strings or keys. For that reason, he has been studying music for some time at the Rock Factory Academy, which is located in San Pedro Alcántara and, also, is the place where the Devils in The Sky band was born. In this rock group, the boy made his debut as a drummer, along with other children and adolescents.

Devils in The Sky already has their first songs and videos, which are available on the YouTube channel that bears their initials, DITS Band. In addition, this drummer also has his own channel, which bears his name, Sergio Rodríguez Aguado.

With the band he has participated in tours and festivals nationwide. This fact has served for Sergio to be disciplined and learn from a young age to play conceptually with a band, as well as to improvise drums and drums.




Something to say, Live it and Respect are some of the unreleased songs of the band. The last one was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in a single take, with no sound effects or tricks to improve pitch, tempo or harmony. Also there a Live Session of Live it has been recorded; both productions can be found on the group’s YouTube channel.

Respect is one of the songs in which you can enjoy phrases in English and Spanish. Also, the lyrics go against bullying, just like the song Something to say. In short, it is a band that transmits correct principles and values ​​which serve as inspiration for many children and adolescents who suffer from physical or psychological harassment in their homes and educational institutes.

In another vein, we mention that his father, Habacuc Rodríguez, tries to make Sergio see the drums as a game, so that this is not the only center of his life at this moment. Likewise, it teaches him the importance of the achievements he is making with the instrument, transmitting above all the value of humility.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the child also receives his formal education, so that he should not miss in his daily classes and in studying for the respective evaluations. This is a great challenge for Sergio, who is only 10 years old.

As if that were not enough, in June 2020 it was evaluated by Trinity College London, obtaining a grade of 87% in the highest degree that this music school certifies. In other words, the internationally valid exams are divided into 8 levels for each instrument and Sergio passed all of them.

The boy played 3 songs and an improvisation to achieve his goal, Spirit of a radio by Rush, Fire by Jimmy Hendrix, That golden Rule by Byff Clyro. With this, Sergio Drummer has become the youngest drummer to have passed Trinity College London exams at the highest level.


Tam Tam DrumFest

This is one of the most important international percussion festivals held in Seville, as some of the best drummers in the world gather there. Likewise, at this festival they present the latest models of acoustic and electronic drums, that is, various brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Pearl, DW, among others, participate in it.  

In addition to this, it is a one-day event in which there are various live concerts and talent contests, so that anyone who wishes to participate can do so without any inconvenience. Of course, those who want to be part of this festival must register with some time in advance, also, it is necessary that they acquire the tickets much earlier, as they are limited.  




Roland contest

At the Tam Tam DrumFest 2018 the Roland brand was introduced and Michael Schack played a drum kit from the V-Drums series. In addition, this company held a contest in which around 200 people participated and whose jury was led by Zebensui Rodríguez, owner of the YouTube channel entitled Zebendrums.

In this contest they chose the drummer with the best technique and imagination. The test was to play the drums on a musical basis that was surprising and the jury’s astonishment was quite high when Sergio Drummer Rodríguez had his participation.

That is, this child exceeded the expectations of the jury and the performance of the other drummers who played in the contest. Therefore, later, when Sergio was testing some batteries that were on display, people started calling him. At that moment, the boy realized that he had been the winner of the contest and returned to the contest site to receive his reward. This means that you did not have to worry about how much a certain Roland electronic drum cost , as you received one as a prize.   


Youtuber from an early age

Today this excellent Spanish drummer continues to show on his channel the talent he has for playing songs from the band Devils in The Sky or various covers. Sergio even explains in his videos how to play some rhythms and songs, so he does not keep the knowledge, but offers it to people who visit his YouTube page.


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