Best Multi Effects Pedals Review 2021

Multi-Effects Pedal – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


A multi-effects pedal is enjoyed and appreciated by both beginners and music professionals. If you want to get a product that makes you enjoy your knowledge and skills to play different musical instruments, you must select a model that has the features that suit your level and your needs. After an exhaustive review of brands, models, customer reviews, functions and features, we can point out those pedals that will surely be of great use to you. First of all we find the Zoom G1XON, which is capable of offering up to 100 guitar effects and a large number of variations in distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb and amp. All this guarantees you a wide versatility that you will appreciate when you want to use your musical instruments or dazzle with your voice. Second, but not least, we can mention the Vox STOMPLAB1G , with a sophisticated and compact metal body and which has a total of 120 programs.


How to use a multi-effect pedal


A multi-effects pedal is the perfect ally for guitar professionals, students, or hobbyists. No matter what genre of music you want to perform, the equipment has several effects and rhythms that will give your compositions an innovative nuance. If you’re wondering how to use the multi-effects pedal, we’ve put together a short overview to help you improve your user experience.




Choose a space for the team

Take into account that when installing the equipment you must choose a suitable space to place it, taking into account that this should not obstruct your mobility at the time of each session. It is also important to maintain a good view of the device screen, thus achieving the monitoring of sound effects or equalization levels.


Specify the type of feeding

The traditional way of generating electrical energy to the equipment is the inclusion of 4 AA alkaline batteries; These can offer you up to 8 hours of continuous work without the need to recharge them. Likewise, you have the possibility of using a lithium battery, which with the help of an adequate electrical connection will provide enough energy for you to compose without worrying. As a third alternative is the placement of a USB cable, linking the pedal directly to the computer.


Plug the guitar into the pedal board and amp

You must link an audio output cable from the pedalboard to the guitar and also to the amplifier. This is how the effects, rhythms and tunes emitted by the guitar strings can be combined.


Hit the switch

You will find an on-off switch that you must press. You need to check the indicator light next to it; with it you will check the energy input to the equipment.


Check the effects to use

In general, each team has a database with a minimum of 100 effects; among them the distortion, amplification, echo, delay, modulation, phaser, etc. stand out. These effects are accompanied by various musical rhythms such as rock, punk, heavy metal, jazz, pop, and ballad. Selection is very easy; You just have to turn the knobs located at the top to set the rhythm and the other for the effect, you can check on the LED screen until you get the one that suits the melody you are composing.


Plug in headphones

The headphones are connected to the audio output jack located on the structure of the equipment; you must fit the connector well to make the proper contact This is how you will achieve a more private rehearsal without interrupting other people.




Record your performances

The recording looper is a system that will help you capture your performances; so you can evaluate the chords you like and the modifications you want to make. Depending on the model you have, you have the option of recording up to 30 seconds with professional quality.


Disconnect the equipment

Once the session is over, you must press the off switch, cutting off the power supply. Then, remove each of the cables that you initially connected to the different ports arranged in the structure of the device, taking special care not to damage them.




The most popular brands


Electric guitars and basses need a device that allows to vary the tone of these instruments in an optimal way, so multi-effect pedals are ideal. In this case, we have gathered three of the best brands that offer this product so that in this way you can learn a little more about them.


Zoom is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing and selling products for creating effects on musical instruments and recording devices.

The company was founded in 1983 in the city of Tokyo and began operations supporting other companies with sound devices and other audio systems.

Seven years later, the company decided to launch a first device on the market that allows the creation of effects in electric guitars, whose processor is connected to the guitar strap, proving to be an important technological innovation.

In the following years, the company dedicated itself to launching several product lines to create effects in guitars, these products being used at a professional level in most music studios in the world, in addition to being manufactured based on its own processors.

For 2006, the company reinvented itself by launching products that can interact with the computer to record audio tracks in MP3 format, which also include USB ports.

By 2013, the Zoom subsidiary was created in the United States, with the purpose of expanding the products to the Americas and establishing itself as the leading brand in multi-effects pedals in the world.


Boss is a division of the Japanese company Roland Corporation. Boss was founded in 1973 in the city of Hamamatsu, which is responsible for producing multi-effects pedals for guitars and basses, as well as accessories.

The product line that Boss offers includes amplifiers, digital recorders, multi-effects pedals, compact effects processors, synthesizers, metronomes, vocal products, and accessories.

Over the years, Boss products have been successful, to the point that, in 1990, the company moved the factory to Taiwan, with the purpose of placing the company in a strategic location to serve the Asian market.

Boss products have been known for being used by famous musicians and guitarists. To name a few we have Eric Clapton, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Noel Gallagher, Stephen Carpenter and many others, giving this brand an important privilege within the industry.

Therefore, Boss is considered one of the leading companies in the market that offers multi-effects pedals, and is also very well known today.




One of the manufacturers that has made the most technological contributions in the music industry is the company Line 6, since this company is a pioneer in the manufacture of digital amplifiers and multi-effect pedals that allow bass and guitar to record with excellent tone . The company emerged in the 90s and is headquartered in California, United States.

This company has always been characterized by innovating as time goes by, in order to exceed the quality and technology of the products it offers each time.

Within the line of products that Line 6 offers, you can find amplifiers for guitars and basses, pedals and multi-effects pedals, audio interfaces with effects. In addition to strings and accessories that are essential for the line of acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Line 6 also has communities and has a presence on social networks so that various users can share device configurations, patches or any other material of common interest.


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