Best Guitars for Kids Review 2021

Guitar for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Music, in addition to becoming a great stress reliever, is a motivating and empowering element in the psychological and motor development of children. That is why you can encourage your little ones to get involved in the world of music, especially by acquiring skills to play an instrument. In these lines, we want to introduce you to the names of some guitars designed especially for children and that possibly fit what you want to take home for your little one. The Ts-ideen 5257 guitar is ideally sized for children 6 to 9 years old, so they can comfortably and successfully get started on how to play a guitar. In addition, it incorporates the cover and the strap, so you can store it and take it with you anywhere you want or your child needs. For its part, the guitarTs-ideen 52071 is made of very resistant wood and has the appropriate measures for the smallest of the house, as it has been specially manufactured for children between 4 and 7 years old.


How to use a children’s guitar


So that both your experience and that of the child when using a guitar is the most successful, below we list a series of steps on how to use a guitar for children. All this with the purpose that you can guide the child about the proper handling of the equipment, especially if it is the first time you use the product.




Read the instruction manual

Take a few minutes to read the included instruction manual; there you will find the necessary information to familiarize yourself with the model of your instrument and its parts before starting to use it.


Check the strings

Certainly every instrument has the strings installed, but before starting to play them you should check them one by one; this way you will be able to verify that all are properly tensioned and in their correct place.


Replace the strings

When it is necessary to replace a broken string, you have to insert the string through one of the corresponding holes found in the bridge above the box; then make a tie with a simple but secure knot. Then you must extend it through the mouth, fingerboard, nut until you reach the pegbox to be held by a peg.


Check the type of battery storage

As it is an electrical equipment, you must verify the location of the battery. Take into account that some models have in their structure a cavity covered with a lid; there you can easily put them and remove them whenever you want. On the other hand, other teams incorporate the battery inside, so it will be a bit more work to make the changes even when they will be better located.


Install the batteries

Slide the cover that is usually found on the back of the instrument, revealing the compartment in which you will place the alkaline batteries. Make sure not to invert its polarity and then adjust the cap.

If your equipment does not have access to the power source, then it is necessary that you use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cover and remove the existing lithium battery, replacing it with a new one. Finally, place the cover, place the screws in their respective holes and screw carefully with the help of said tool.


Adjust the volume

Electronic equipment has one or two buttons to regulate the sound, so you will have to press it to select the decibel level that you consider appropriate for the child.


Select the tune

The demo included in the equipment has several guitar chords alluding to rock music; just press the preset button for this function.




Attach the safety strap

Hook the strap to the body of the equipment and place it over the child as if it were a shoulder bag; that is to say, it crosses the strap vertically through your neck in such a way that it is supported on your shoulder. In this way your arms will be free and the guitar supported correctly on your body.


Put the guitar away

Open the zipper that is usually found around the case to insert the guitar; You can also store spare strings, a plectrum or a notebook in the internal pockets. Afterwards, you should close the aforementioned zipper to keep the instrument protected from dust and possible dents.




The most popular brands


You are never too young to learn to play a musical instrument. For this reason, different types of instruments have been manufactured in a smaller size to be used by children and, in this way, bring them closer to the world of music. Ts-ideen, New Classic Toys and Simba Toys are brands that have made some instruments, such as the famous guitars, in sizes suitable for children; this way, the little ones can mix fun, education and creativity to produce the most beautiful melodies.




Despite the fact that this brand has not been exclusively dedicated to the creation of musical products in children’s size, Ts-ideen is a company that has not rested in the area of ​​innovation, since it has manufactured different devices that can be used in the kitchen, the home and even in sports.

This versatility has made it a favorite brand for many people; Ultimately, his slogan promises “thousands of beautiful ideas for you and your home.” Thanks to its commitment, this is one of the most successful companies on Amazon and has received rave reviews due to the excellent quality of its products, the result of all the effort on the part of its manufacturers.

In the musical area, this company manufactures more than 10 types of instruments so that all musicians can find what they are looking for. Besides that, it also offers sheet music books. Guitars for children are high quality guitars but in a reduced size so that the little ones can be comfortable when playing them. This is not a toy and, like any professional guitar, the product comes with accessories such as a case and strap.




Originally from the town of Medemblik in the Netherlands, New Classic Toys is a brand that has spent almost 3 decades dedicating its efforts entirely to the creation of various innovative toys to delight children around the world.

The objective of this brand has been, since 1991, to give infants the space to develop new skills through play. For that reason, the products manufactured under the New Classic Toys seal are artifacts made for fun and education simultaneously. All these years of supporting the company make many parents trust it for the fun of their little ones.

All toys are manufactured taking into consideration the highest quality and safety standards, therefore, they have the necessary certificates to be able to use them without worry. The guitars for children of this brand come in different sizes and colors to interest the little ones to play music. Additionally, they have a strap to make them easier to use.




The well-known elephant of this brand has been an icon in the world of toys since the early 1980s. Fritz and Michael Sieber, founders of Simba Toys, dedicated their company to the creation of traditional wooden toys, dolls and board games . By 1984, the company had an office in Hong Kong where it manufactured baby products.

The growth of Simba Toys was rapid, since it took a couple of years from its foundation for it to be able to sell almost 5 million toys around the world. From that moment, this brand became known on the international scene and is still reaping successes. Germany is the country where it has achieved greater recognition, however, its products are known in various European countries as well.

Guitars for children are famous toys of this brand, as they offer different designs made of various materials, such as plastic and wood. Besides that, the little ones will be able to choose between a toy electric guitar or an acoustic one, with various accessories to be a real star.


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