Best Guitar Straps Review 2021

Guitar strap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Guitar straps are a very important accessory for bassists and guitarists, suitable for supporting various types of guitar, relieving weight on the back, keeping the musical instrument closer to the body and thus having greater comfort. In order to choose the guitar strap that best suits you, it is necessary to take into account various fundamental aspects such as materials, color, size and subjection. After conducting research on different models we want to present you some options that may be to your liking and benefit, for example, the Ernie Ball EB4037, a strap suitable for professional musicians, in addition, it should be noted that it has black leather ends and a system to adjust the length between 96.5 and 172.7 cm. In another vein, the Rayzm Calaveras is available , which is made with cotton, in addition, we mention that this shoulder strap consists of a width of 5 cm and a length that can be adjusted between 97 cm to 154 cm .


How to use a guitar strap


If you have a guitar and have considered improving your playing skills, surely you have already considered that one of the most important aspects to be successful is to be comfortable. This is why the straps have come to solve one of the most common problems that musicians face when they have to play standing up.




Assemble the strap

Some guitars from their manufacture include the necessary pivots to hold the straps, but if yours does not have them, it will be necessary that you acquire them and mount them in the corresponding places.

The most advisable thing is to take advantage of the strong assembly spaces of the guitar to prevent it from suffering alterations in its acoustics, such as the lower connection in direct line with the bridge. To place the second necessary pivot that is needed at the top, it is best to choose the area where the arm meets the soundboard, because it provides a firmer grip on the guitar.


Use the most appropriate size

Since you have added or you have made sure you have the place where to fix the strap, it is convenient to proceed to choose the length. Each person has a different stature and particular complexion, this prevents us from determining exactly how long it should be with an always fixed number.

But the most advisable thing is that you take into account some aspects such as verifying that the position of the wrist in the hand that is responsible for fingering does not have to adopt unnatural postures. It should be kept relaxed, in a straight line, and your middle finger should reach the low E or E string easily.

Another indicator that you can take into account is that the elbow stays close to the trunk and that when playing it moves freely forming an angle with the armpit that opens and closes following the natural opening movement of the arm, preferably to the side and not to the side. front.




Use the strap corresponding to the weight of the guitar

It is recommended that if you have an acoustic and an electric guitar, you use the corresponding strap for each one, or one that is especially resistant. Remember that the weight between these two types of instruments can be considerably different and this could especially damage the eye that is placed on the pivot by exposing it to a higher weight than it was designed for.


Avoid recharging yourself on the guitar

An activity that tends to damage the straps is to reload the weight of your arms on the guitar when you are at rest and without playing, avoid doing this practice as much as possible, so that this article lasts longer and you will not find the unpleasant surprise that It breaks at an inopportune moment, which can cause your guitar to fall and cause damage.


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