Best Guitar Picks Review 2021

Guitar Pick – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Among the accessories that can make a difference in the sound that the guitar projects are the picks, that is why choosing the correct one is an important part of achieving the expected interpretation. In the market you will find them made of different materials, flexible or rigid, ring or triangular, so it is not easy to know with certainty which one to select. However, if you want a quick recommendation, we can tell you that the 18-piece Pick Geek model would be a good option because with 18 picks you could have enough for practices and presentations, but also, they are offered in different thicknesses and shapes that can be adapted to your needs. But if you are one of the musicians who prefers to play with rather fine or medium picks, the set ofTiger GAC14 could be the best choice, as it gives you 12 picks of 0.81, 0.71 or 0.46 mm.


How to use a guitar pick


Although playing the guitar strings by hand can be a technique that gives it a special nuance, the truth is that the picks can increase the brightness of the sound and allow a better attack. If you want to know more about how to use a guitar pick, we invite you to continue reading, maybe you will find something that is helpful for you.




Hold the pick correctly

Probably one of the worst moments a guitarist can experience is when when attacking a string, the pick slips out of his hand in the middle of a performance. So that this does not happen to you, you must start by having a good technique of holding the pick.

One of the best ways to have good control of this accessory and to hold it conveniently is to use your index finger and thumb together. If your pick is conventional, that is, triangular in shape, you should place one of the flat sides resting on the line that your index finger forms when flexing to reach the thumb. Keep in mind that your fingers will need to cover about 70% of the pick. If the tip of the pick is too exposed, you run the risk of it slipping away in a quick attack.


Maintain good pick placement in front of the strings

Now that you have attached the pick, you should pay attention to the position of your arm and your wrist so that it is facing the strings so that the tip of the pick can form a small triangle with the string you want to play.

The angle of inclination, on the other hand, should be straight, that is, the tip of the pick should not be facing up or down. To know if you are doing it well, look at the nail of your thumb, it must be possible to see it in its entirety, if any of its sides you cannot see it is because you have tilted the pick too much.




Support the arm and use the movement of the wrist

Another aspect that you should take care of is to support your arm comfortably on the case of your guitar, in such a way that it will be the wrist that moves, to allow the pick to reach each of the 6 strings.


Do exercises

It is not the same to touch with the fingers than to do it with a pick. If it is the first time you use this accessory, surely you have realized that you may have a lower precision than you had with your fingers.

Do not worry, this is a skill that must be developed, so that you do not have to be watching at all times which string you are going to play. This can be achieved with practice, so we recommend that you perform rhythmic strings attacks, you can skip them and go from top to bottom and vice versa. In this way, little by little your hand will have automatic control over the placement of the strings, to play them with precision.



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