Best Guitar Feet Review 2021

Guitar Stand – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Guitar feet are a good option to hold your guitar, whether acoustic, electric or Spanish, also, it should be noted that these products, in addition to having an important use, also serve to decorate your space, be it a room or any living room. to be. Also, some music stores use them to display the guitars they have for sale. Of course, in order to choose the appropriate model it is essential that you take into account various characteristics such as weight, material, design and size. After reviewing some models, we want to present you the following options that may interest you, due to the characteristics they have, for example, the AmazonBasics GFS80, which is a folding foot and has a height that can be adjusted to the size of each guitar, is made of steel, a resistant and durable material. In another vein, there is the Ibanez ST101 , whose measurements are 35.4 cm high and 20.6 cm wide. We also mention that it has a tripod-shaped design, to provide adequate stability and security for your guitar.


How to use a guitar stand


The guitar stand has become a must-have accessory for musicians who want to take the utmost care of their instruments, as it keeps the bass or guitar in the correct position to preserve its durability and tuning. At first it may seem not very useful, but with constant practice you will notice why its use is important. Therefore, we teach you useful tips that will tell you the correct way to use one.




Check your measurements

When purchasing a new guitar stand, you must verify that its measurements are adequate for the instrument’s support, since there are different models of the product on the market for different needs. Observe the measurements described by the seller and find that they match before starting their installation.


Connect the bases

To begin the installation, check that all parts and accessories are included in the packaging. Next, begin to join the bases of the foot. With the help of a screwdriver, use screws or nuts to assemble the pieces, following the instructions in the instruction manual.


Assemble the upper frame

Once the bottom frame is complete, mount the top of the bracket and securely attach it with bolts or nuts as required. Put some pressure on the joints to make sure they don’t shift during use.


Assign the installation location

Once you have assembled the product, you must assign the appropriate place to place it. It is recommended that it be a space close to your instruments, away from areas of high traffic of people and with access to direct sunlight, as it will weaken the structure in the long term. You can locate it in your recording or rehearsal studio.


Place it on the surface

After choosing the right place, proceed to locate it. Remember that it must be on a flat and firm surface, that is, without reliefs, which provides stability to the article, since it will be the support of the musical instrument.


Place the instrument

Once you have verified that the structure is firm and resistant, place the bass or guitar on the stand. Make sure the instrument is correctly positioned on your foot, otherwise it may slip and fall to the ground. Also, you can add some straps to get more stability.




Please fold it when you don’t use it

Some models of guitar feet are designed with a folding structure that allows them to be better transported to other spaces. If your item has this feature, fold it up carefully and store it in a dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight.


Take care of their cleaning

As it is made primarily of metal and stainless steel, it is recommended to clean it frequently for durability. You can use a soft cloth with a mixture of water and fragrance detergent to remove accumulated dust and dirt. You can also use a special chemical to maintain the color of the item.

Afterwards, let it air dry to avoid the accumulation of bad odors. Store it in its special case, which will keep it useful for a longer operating time.


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