Best Flamenco Guitars Review 2021

How to use a flamenco guitar


Perhaps the fact that the strings of this type of guitar are closer to the fingerboard, makes many players find this type of instrument more comfortable to play. But whatever the reason you have bought a flamenco guitar, we want to share some recommendations regarding the way you can use it.




Get familiar with its sound

We want to start by mentioning that the flamenco guitar generally has less volume than a Spanish one. This is normal, so you shouldn’t be too surprised if you compare it. It is due to its soundboard which is slightly smaller in size. But in advantage you will have greater comfort to hold it and freedom of movement to execute the strumming involved in interpreting this musical style.


Keep your guitar in a proper position

One aspect that few know is that taking care of the tension in the strings of a guitar is one of the most important factors to keep it in proper condition. It is not a fact of practicality that in stores you see the guitars vertically; is that it seeks to maintain the balance of this tension so that the mechanism or its curve is not damaged. For this reason, you should always store your instrument in this position, either in its case or on the wall.


Change the strings three at a time

Preferably when it is necessary to change all the strings of your guitar for some reason, it is better to do it three at a time. This way you can keep tension on the fretboard. This is another factor that can help you avoid alterations in your design.


Relieve tension if you are not going to use it for a while

In case for some reason you are not going to practice with your guitar, it is advisable that you lower the tuning but without loosening completely. That is, you can lower each string two tones to relieve tension, but without stopping vibrating.




Protect it from moisture

The woods tend to expand if they absorb water, so it is important that you protect your guitar from this element. In the event that you have to visit a place with very high humidity, such as those near the sea or live in such a place, it is convenient that you avoid as much as possible that it is exposed to this climatic condition. For this, it will be essential that you have a rigid case and preferably with a plastic surface that does not absorb moisture. You can also include a dehumidifier product inside the case for greater efficiency.


Give it the corresponding maintenance

To maintain the appearance and prevent cracks from appearing over time on your guitar, you should clean it frequently with some wood oil. This can be easily found at a convenience store and is generally quite affordable. Run a clean cloth moistened with this oil all over the guitar from time to time and wipe any excess that may remain with the same cloth.


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