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Electric Guitar – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 20201


The electric guitar is among all instruments, one of the most used in contemporary music, that is why every year more people consider the possibility of learning to play it, and even young children enjoy playing games where they imitate their favorite performer. But when we decide to make the purchase of a model, not all fulfill the purpose for which we wish to allocate our acquisition, since while some seek an affordable proposal, others seek professionalism. That is why you have to analyze some aspects before choosing. However, if you are looking for an electric guitar for children, the YVSoo Rock can offer you attractive features, such as its scale size and good finishes. But if it is an adult who will begin his learning, theRocktile 19331 is a very complete electric guitar kit, including even an amp, picks and gig bag, allowing you to start learning as soon as you receive it.


How to choose the best electric guitars


It is normal that when we try to choose a guitar from a wide variety of options we find ourselves a bit lost, especially if it is our first electric guitar, because we may have doubts regarding what is the most relevant thing that it should have in its characteristics, That is why we offer you a brief guide to buying the best electric guitar where we explain what you should look for.

Shopping guide


Acoustic qualities

When it comes to playing music, the first thing we can look at is the sound we can get with the instrument , its volume and brightness. That is why we will begin this guide by emphasizing the acoustic qualities that could be sought in a guitar of this type.

Regarding this aspect, in the world of music there are many materials that can be chosen to make this instrument , such as bubinga, maple or mahogany wood, which achieve a very interesting sustain effect. But there are also other wood options such as agathis or basswood, which could offer you a sound with a good balance for treble and bass, without the cost of the guitar rising too high.

So at this point, you can largely determine how much a guitar costs and the first item to make decisions about when comparing electric guitars.


Design and ergonomics

On the other hand, we find qualities such as the design and the type of shape that the guitars have , ranging from the stratocaster, SG or thinline, which are the most traditional, to the V or star shape, which we can appreciate in some musicians who perform this instrument.

Our recommendation at this point is that it is comfortable for you. Consider your laterality, so that when playing, you can easily reach the highest notes of the arm without problem. Or, you don’t have to make exaggerated hand movements to cover the entire fret, something that happens in people with small hands. In these cases, looking for a thin arm can be a priority.

In addition, it is likely that in addition to the shape of the guitar you are interested in its finishes and the tone of the paint or upper lacquer, since the appearance of the electric guitar on certain occasions makes many feel more motivated to play, because it is attractive. In this regard, the range of combinations between shapes and colors is probably greater than in acoustic ones, so it is advisable to carefully analyze what would meet your expectations, in addition to qualifying it as a good and inexpensive guitar option to acquire.


Pickup versatility

The electric guitar is an instrument that needs specific mechanisms to collect vibrations and transmit them to another device for amplification, the main parts in charge of achieving this are what we know as pickups and we can find them basically of two types, the humbucker and the simple ones, although there are versions that try to be versatile and are classified as intermediate.

The difference between the basic two could be that singles tend to perform better in highs and mids, with a well-defined sound. Musicians tend to sometimes prefer this option because of the type of attack they allow, which is fast, preferably used for pop and rock melodies with little saturation.

The humbucker for its part are pickups that in their structure have a double winding, they were created from single or simple ones to avoid noise. They are especially characterized by achieving very powerful bass with great boost. As you might expect, these can be a good complement for performers who are interested in heavy or hard rock styles.

Accessories or sets

Another feature that might interest you is to know if the guitar includes other basic objects to be able to use it. For example an amplifier, which is an indispensable complement. With regard to it, it is convenient to analyze the power it has and if it allows you some distortion effects, as well as the sound clarity with which it could be qualified. Generally, you will find 10 or 15 W amplifiers for this purpose, which could be enough to carry out your practices with an appropriate volume.

It could also be considered basic to have a tuner, in this way you can verify the tone of each of the guitar strings as often as necessary to avoid mistakes in your interpretations.

On the other hand, you should have on hand a cable to connect the amplifier to the guitar or a case to protect your instrument, when you have to transport it.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to paint an electric guitar?

The first step to do this is to disassemble all the parts of the guitar. Later you must remove the paint with sandpaper. Then, apply a little solvent with a cloth and you can start layering the spray paint of your choice, taking care not to apply too close or the paint will run. Apply two coats and then sand with # 1500 sandpaper to remove any imperfections and finish with a resistant lacquer, either glossy or matte, this will give protection to the paint. 


Q2: What electric guitar to buy to start with?

Probably when choosing an electric guitar with the intention of learning to play the instrument, it is best to consider the budget that you have for this project. Then combine this information with the options that are available on the market, carefully reviewing their characteristics and ensuring that their use and maintenance are simple. Also consider the cost of the add-ons in case you don’t have them available. You will find affordable versions that could meet your needs.


Q3: How to record the electric guitar?

One of the simplest ways is to place a microphone in front of the amplifier, taking into account the proximity to achieve the expected clarity, especially if you do not have an equalizer that regulates the quality of the sound. In these cases, you should do some tests, placing the microphone very close to the center of the speaker, then about 15 cm away or pointing to the side of the amplifier, in this way you can find which combination works best for you.


Q4: Why doesn’t my electric guitar sound?

One of the reasons why it may not transmit any sound is because the battery has run out. Electric guitars generally use a 9V battery. It is necessary that you have knowledge of the specific place where it is placed in your model, to verify its condition and replace it if necessary.


Q5: How to tune an electric guitar?

The process is very similar to that of the acoustic guitar, you must give each string the necessary tension to reach the pitch of the corresponding note. You can achieve this with the help of a tuner, either digitally downloaded to your mobile or tablet, but also with a professional guitar tuner.


Q6: When was the electric guitar invented?

This instrument had its origin in 1950, in the United States, when Leo Fender created a version of guitar that could be connected to the amplifier, to enhance its sound. This model is named after the Fender Esquire. However, it is worth mentioning that Gibson brand technician Lloyd Loar was the first to create a pickup to fit on an acoustic guitar in the 1920s.


Q7: How to connect the electric guitar to the PC?

Although it could be recorded through the computer’s own microphone, it is not the most suitable, since some undesirable noise can be introduced. It’s best to have a combination guitar, amp sim, or DI box, plus a sound card in your computer.

Now, it is important that you have an appropriate program on your computer to control sound levels, such as audio editing programs, recording programs and digital sequencing.


Q8: Is it interesting to have an electric guitar with a built-in amplifier?

That’s right, since it is an essential element to be able to listen to an electric guitar with all its potential and effects.




How to use an electric guitar


One of the most popular instruments today is the guitar in its different versions. If you have purchased an electric guitar and you have doubts about its use and maintenance, below we will describe what we consider to be the most important about how you should take care of it, so that you can enjoy it for a longer time.




Read the manual of your model

Especially electric guitars are made up of several pieces that it is convenient for you to know, for this the best thing is always to read the manual of your model. Here you can find out how you can configure the sound, the use of the pickups and their different options, as well as the specifications you should know about what you should not do when using it.

It is also important, because here you will learn how to replace a section if necessary or tighten the nuts of some parts that it is normal for them to loosen with use, such as the volume and tone buttons.

In the same way, it is important that you check the type of power supply, that is, where the battery is located, if there is any special tool or key to open the cover and perform the replacement, etc.


Protect your instrument

It is very common that due to the fact of perceiving the electric guitar as a solid instrument compared to an acoustic guitar, we are less careful with it. This is totally incorrect, as its mechanisms are also fragile and can become out of adjustment. Wood can be damaged and lose some of its appearance. The best thing is that you have a cover that keeps moisture away, protects it against accidental blows and helps you transport it comfortably.


Keep the strings clean

Although the strings of electric guitars are made of oxidation-resistant alloys, it is important that you clean them frequently, since our fingers usually deposit dirt with a certain degree of acidity on them that can deteriorate them. To achieve this, just use a dry cloth, or impregnated in a special product to clean them, but never use a damp cloth.




Change the strings one by one

Electric guitars achieve sound vibration through tension, and are made in such a way that they tolerate and even require it. This is a trait that we must take care of so as not to unbalance the instrument. When it is necessary to change the strings, because you want to put a new complete set of them, you will have to do it one by one. Since removing all the strings could damage the instrument.


Keep string mechanisms lubricated

Tuning the guitar is an activity that you will do constantly, to do it comfortably it is best to keep the headstock well lubricated, so once a year it is recommended that you spend time maintaining this section. In electric guitars sometimes the mechanism is hidden, check how you can access it to place a small drop of special oil.




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