Best Drumsticks of 2021

Drumsticks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


People who love music, drummers by trade or interested in learning to play this instrument, should know the importance of having a pair of suitable drumsticks so that the sound on the cymbals and the snare drums is pleasant. If you want to buy a new pair of these musical tools or buy the first ones for your drums, then you should consider the opinions of other users about the quality of the models. For this reason, we present the two models that lead sales and user preferences. The first is the Vic Firth 5BB, a pair of hickory wood-tipped drumsticks with a sleek black finish, which are recommended for professional or amateur practice, are lightweight and comfortable to use. In second place, there is the Rayzm 2B model , drumsticks that are made from quality solid wood that helps to generate a good sound and that makes their weight light.


How to use drumsticks


A very important aspect to take into account when playing a drums is the holding of the drumsticks, since they are the essential implements to generate sounds in the cymbals and drums. For many beginners, their employment is often a difficult learning process. However, we show you these simple tips that will help you use drumsticks correctly.




Check that you have the right drumsticks

Thanks to the boom that music has had, the drums have become a very popular musical instrument, so that every day there is a greater variety of sizes and models of the instrument. It is important that you check if the size of your drumsticks is the right one for you, since otherwise you cannot cope with the drums.


Find the balance point

When starting to play the drums and cymbals, it is necessary that the drumsticks have elasticity and bounce during the movement. To achieve this, you must find the balance point with your hands when you grip them. Place the stick from top to bottom in the palm of your hand to identify where it bounces the most on the music box. It should give about 8 to 10 bounces inert.


Make a correct grip on the drumsticks

Once you’ve found the balance point, proceed to properly hold the drumsticks. Currently, there are three popular gripping methods: the American, German, and French style. Each of them works in different situations, depending on the intensity with which you need to play the drums. Mainly, it is about holding the drumsticks at 2/3 of their diameter, placing them between the thumb and index finger.


Stand in front of the drums

Once you have the proper position of the drumsticks, sit in front of the drummer in a comfortable chair. Have a firm stance and place your legs parallel to the instrument. Next, place your dominant foot on the kick pedal.


Support your arms

To play the drums fluently, your arms need to have the proper posture. With any type of grip, the arms should be positioned firmly on the drum. To do this, bend the palms of your hands inwards and let your elbows protrude outwards, avoiding being stiff. This technique can make it easier to gain more power and control from your drumsticks.




Start with simple movements

If you are a beginner, start with simple movements and sequences. Begin by hitting the drum with light bounces, turning your wrists up and down. If you don’t have a smooth bounce, you should improve the position of your arms. Avoid bouncing using your arms, shoulders, or fingers, as it can affect your joints.


Practice constantly

The success of the good use of the drumsticks is in the continuous practice with them. As you advance in practice, raise the level of difficulty by handling more complicated sequences, including different bounces with the cymbals.


Clean them

After use, wipe them with a damp cloth and let them air dry. Prevents dirt from accumulating, since it will reduce its usefulness.


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