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The kick drum is one of the largest percussion instruments and offers deep sounds. In addition, it is the main one to keep time in marches and various groups. Therefore, here we recommend some of the most outstanding drums. Among them, the XDrum MBD-226 , which has dimensions of 66 x 30.4 cm and 4 handles with their two respective straps, to be able to play comfortably in marches. Another outstanding model is the Pure Gewa Basix Junior , which offers a size of 55.8 x 17.7 cm and, in addition, its body is very resistant, thanks to its 6 layers of wood. 


Shopping guide


If you want to choose a suitable kick drum for you or your child, you should review aspects such as size and sound, manufacturing materials, tuning system, etc. That is why here we present you a guide to buy the best bass drum; maybe she will help you buy the right instrument. 


Size and sound

When you make a comparison of bass drums, do not forget their dimensions, as the size greatly influences the comfort and sound of the instrument. In other words, the bigger it is, the stronger the bass frequencies will be. This means that a large kick drum generally offers a stronger and deeper sound. 

But we know that you don’t always require this type of sound, so you can also opt for a small kick drum, whose bass frequencies are weaker, adapting to different styles of music. Likewise, the small drums are lighter to move, so if what you are looking for is ergonomics, these are the most suitable models.



If you wonder how much a certain bass drum costs, read this feature, because the price of the instrument will largely depend on it. However, due to the wide variety of bass drums on the market, you can still find a good and inexpensive one. 

The most important material in the bass drum is your body, which is also called a helmet by some Internet marketers. This part of the bass drum needs to be sturdy, so it is usually made of plywood. By this we mean several layers of wood joined together, which offers greater durability and in most cases, good resonance. Of course, the layers are made with various woods, for example, linden, poplar or others. 

Being plywood, that is, layered, the woods used withstand continuous use, humidity, shock, dust and other factors. In this way, do not worry too much about the wood, but pay attention to the number of layers it has. The 6 or 7 layer bodies are of high quality, so either option will last you a long time.  

Other aspects that you should check in terms of materials are the rings and screws, as they must be chromed for greater resistance to humidity or climatic changes.

Likewise, the membranes, which are also known as patches, must be very resistant to the blows of the hammer. This will make them last much longer, preventing you from buying new patches often. To find out this aspect, check the opinions of users who have already bought and used the hype you want to acquire. 


Tuning system

The long or short screws that a kick drum has around its body hold the hoops and tighten each head. If you adjust them, raise or lower the note of the head, to get the tone you need in the parades. For a more precise tuning it is good that the bass drum has enough screws, for example 8 on each side. Also, it is important that the bass drum comes with a tuning key, which is a small, metallic piece that is used to adjust the screws.


Straps and handles

If you want to play comfortably in Easter marches or parades of all kinds, the best thing is that the bass drum comes with shoulder straps. When it comes to a large bass drum, it should have two shoulder straps, on the other hand, if it is small, only one will suffice. 

But it is not only important that the package includes straps, but you should also check if the bass drum has handles for them. This is because some bass drums do not include them, but you have to place the latter on the tuning screws. That way, it would be more uncomfortable to hang the bass drum on your body, regardless of whether it goes at the waist or shoulders. 



Another important accessory is the mace, with which you can hit the bass drum, for that reason, you should check that it is resistant. Also, it is important to know if the head is soft or padded, so as not to damage the drum heads or membranes quickly. To know this, just check the photos of the product on the Internet.  

In the same way, you have to take into account the number of clubs included in the package. Larger bass drums usually come with two mallets, to hit both heads. In contrast, small bass drums require only one club. Also, some kick drums use standard drumsticks, such as those used by drummers. Take all of these qualities into account before buying a certain bass drum.  




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to play the kick drum?

Many people think that they have to play the kick drum very hard to make it sound powerful, but that is not correct. The ideal is to play soft and with a padded head mallet. This is because this will prevent dents in the patches and loss of sound quality. That is, the more dents you have on the patch, the worse it will sound. 

Also, the correct use of the two clubs is important, in the case of large bass drums. The right thing to do is to play each pad separately, one after the other, alternating. Only on some occasions will it be necessary to play both pads at the same time, depending on the music you are going to play and the director’s instructions in the parade. 


Q2: How to put together a murguero bass drum?

First you must buy the pieces to assemble the murguero bass drum, which you can find on the Internet. For example, helmet or body, hoops, patches and tensioning screws. Then you have to paint the bass drum to your liking, in case it is not stained. 

Subsequently, place the rings and patches with the help of the tensioning screws. The hoops should be metal for durability, but you could also use wood, but this should be quite robust. In the end, you just have to tune the murguero bass drum and voila, you can start playing. 


Q3: How to paint a bass drum?

To paint a bass drum professionally you must use a gun and mahogany varnish or the color you want. Another way to paint is using a brush, but this gives the kick drum a more handcrafted finish.

When painting, you should apply a first coat, let it dry and place the second. In the same way, you apply up to 5 layers, so that the paint is more durable and does not get damaged by a simple scratch. Some people apply more coats of paint, but this could lower the resonance of the kick drum.

It is not recommended to use stickers before or after painting, because these also decrease the sound quality and that is not what we are looking for with this type of musical instrument. 


Q4: How to make a homemade bass drum?

It is easy to make a homemade bass drum, because you only need a large paint container, 20 liters, preferably cylindrical and plastic. Additionally, you can use goatskin to create the patches and bolts. The latter will be used to hold the goatskins. 

But before installing the leathers, you must open the bottom hole of the container, which you can do with heat, that is, by heating a metal tool. This step is not recommended for children, but adults who want to make a hype at home.  

Next, you paint the plastic container to your liking and with a brush. It is best that you clean the plastic very well before painting, it is also important that you apply several layers to the drum. 

When the paint has dried you can place the leathers, the upper and lower, with the help of the screws. However, don’t forget to tighten the leathers and put them to dry before installing them, to give the kick drum a deeper sound. The leathers must be installed with sufficient tension, so that they sound good. If you want, use a metal or wooden ring to mount the leathers correctly, so that you can refine them in the future.


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