Best Controller Keyboards of 2021

Controller Keyboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


For all those people who feel a great passion for music and want to dedicate a few hours of their week to playing a keyboard, it is essential to take home a product that is easy to handle, with extensive functions and that offers the possibility of learning or progressively improve. After exhaustive research, we have concluded that these models that we present below have the approval of their customers and the characteristics that allow them to be quality products. The first model to mention is the M – Audio Keystation Mini 32 II, which has a pitch bend wheel, a modulation wheel and controls to raise and lower octaves with great ease when you consider it necessary. In addition, it has the USB – MIDI connection to synchronize in a very practical way with your computer. The other model that we cannot leave out is the Acorn Masterkey MK49 , which in addition to allowing control of its functions in a practical way, offers you the USB interface to easily connect it and transmit the information properly.


How to use a controller keyboard


If you are looking for an instrument that allows the counting and recording of your melodies along with the main sound functions, a controller keyboard is your best option. We show you in simple steps how easy it can be to use one.




Find the keyboard you like the most

You can check the wide variety of keyboards on the market on different websites. Take into account your budget when choosing one, since there are professional keyboards for a high price and cheaper options. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you use a beginner keyboard with the basic functions. Then, make the purchase and wait until your shipment arrives.


Verify the inclusion of all its accessories and cables

The controller keyboards are characterized by having USB inputs for pedals, pads, sound potentiometers and a screen that shows the program played. All of these accessories are essential for using a keyboard with a MIDI controller. If at the time of reviewing your package you notice that any of these accessories are missing, contact your seller and demand a new keyboard, since without them it will be difficult to use it.


Prepare the place to install it

The main function of these keyboards is to produce sounds through the computer and save the melodies in the process; for this reason, the keyboard should be located near the computer for the best connection of the cables. The corners can be a great help, as they add extra stability to the keyboard base. Clean the area where you will be installing very well and try to remove any object that may fall on the instrument.


Download the specific software for your keyboard model

Once you have installed the base of the piano and the instrument on it, following the instruction manual, proceed to download the correct program. Enter the brand’s website and select the appropriate program for your computer with which the operating system can read the signals sent from the keyboard.


Join the corresponding cables with the inputs

By having the correct program installed on your computer, you proceed with connecting cables and accessories to the piano. Each part of the keyboard has a distinctive label that indicates the correct input, find the appropriate USB and MIDI input for each cable for the proper functioning of your accessories.


Turn on the keyboard

After making each necessary connection, turn on the keyboard and wait for the computer to recognize it. Run the keyboard recognition and setup program. Include it in the search selection and locate the program folder in an easy-to-find address.




Finish recognition and open the software

At the end of the piano recognition, open the installed program and enjoy the options and tools that it presents to you while you play your favorite melodies on the instrument.


Turn off the instrument and keep clean

When you’re done playing, immediately turn off the keyboard to avoid prolonged exposure to electrical current and cutting yourself off. Clean it frequently, especially the keys that are prone to dust.




The most popular brands


Controller keyboards or MIDI keyboards are first-hand tools for music lovers, be they professionals or amateurs. In the market there are many suppliers of this type of product. However, we recommend the best quality ones below, according to users.




When talking about quality immediately comes the name of M – Audio, an American company, located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, which is one of the most recognized and respected firms in the field of music computer interface and integration solutions. keyboard products, controllers and essential hardware, from microphones to studio monitors.

Founded under the name Midiman in 1988, M – Audio was the brainchild of Tim Ryan, an American engineer, son of a concert piano player, music lover who, although he did not become a musician, dedicated his skills to science, mathematics and engineering to become known within the music industry.

Initially, the company was dedicated to creating software and hardware aimed at addressing the challenges of connecting MIDI, audio, and computers within a system that would facilitate electronic-based music composition.

In 2000 Midiman adopted the name M-Audio for the launch of its latest product line. They experienced steady growth within the MIDI interface service, as in the Audio Hardware Catalog. In 2002 they released the first keyboard in the Oxygen series, which went on to establish itself as the most important category of portable keyboard controller.




With more than 30 years in the music industry, Akai Professional is another recognized brand in the production of music software and implements. Created in 1984, Akai Professional has made electronic music its main niche. Since its inception, its main purpose has been to provide artists with the necessary tools to express and explore new musical possibilities. Thus, Akai Professional products have become a must-have in modern music, both in the studio and on stage.

Today, the sophistication of digital sampling technology has become a basic component of popular music, one of Akai Professional’s strengths, allowing it to stay at the forefront in the industry, but also by the manufacturing of the equipment. musicals, which have allowed it to be one of the most influential brands in recent decades.

Among the products offered by Akai Professional are the Music Production Center (MPC) series, keyboard controllers, conventional and wireless type, pad controllers, DJ controllers, ableton controllers, recording equipment, among others.




Dedicated to the design and marketing of electronic musical instruments since 1984, Alesis is another recognized brand in music production, also located in the exclusive area of ​​Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States. Likewise, it designs and markets digital audio processors, audio mixers and digital audio interfaces, where controller keyboards come in.

It also offers recording equipment, drum machines, professional audio, and electronic percussion products, making Alesis one of the brands of choice for professional and amateur drummers. Alesis Studio Electronics was founded by Keith Barr, who took advantage of his ability to design custom integrated circuits to introduce products that, due to their characteristics, were expensive for the time.

Its first product was an XT Reverb in 1985. In 1986 Alesis produced the first professional 16-bit MIDIverb effects processor and then, after partnering with Marcus Ryle, founder of Line 6, Alesis introduced the MMT8 hardware sequencer and later , in 1987, the successful HR-16 drum machine.

Its products are manufactured in China with high quality standards, maintaining in each one of them modern characteristics, thought and adjusted to the modern musician, which make Alesis one of the best brands in the world when it comes to large-scale music.



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