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Banjo – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Music causes various sensations in the people who listen to it, which range from relaxation, to joy and the desire to dance. To enjoy it to the fullest, it is important that it be performed by people who know how to play various instruments and that they do so with equipment that provides optimal sound. One of the musical instruments that best accompanies the different compositions is the banjo, which has up to 10 strings and due to the shape of its body it is capable of producing louder sounds than those generated by the guitar. If you want to buy one of these instruments and you have doubts about which is the correct model for you, one of the banjos that you should take into consideration, as it is among the best of the moment, is the Epiphone EFB0NACH1, which has a structure made of mahogany and rosewood and according to users offers a robust sound, in addition, it does not go out of tune with variations in temperature. Another model is the Classic Cantabile 00019554 , a traditional 5-string instrument, which has a fingerboard made of rosewood and a sapele mahogany body.


How to use a banjo


Enjoying the folk and classical music of the banjo brings joy to people. If you bought a banjo and you don’t know how to use it, in this section we show you in simple steps the correct way to share music with this versatile instrument.




Know your banjo

The banjo is an instrument widely used by fans of the jazz and country genres, so there are three types of banjos depending on the number of strings. It is important that you identify the capabilities of your instrument according to the number of strings it has.

4-string banjos are used by beginners, but the most sought-after are the 5-string ones, as they can be used to play any style of music. Study your banjo and learn how to use it according to its characteristics.


Have a correct posture

Before starting to use the instrument you must have a suitable posture. Your shoulders and back should be straight and firm, providing stability to your body. Keeping your body hunched can increase the chances of injury from the instrument.


Tune the instrument

In order to emit musical sounds with your banjo it must be previously tuned. Although it may seem like a difficult task for a beginner, the truth is that it is very easy to do. To tune the instrument, slowly turn the pegs located at the end of the fingerboard or neck, since these are in charge of tightening the strings to fine-tune the sound of them. You can resort to using a tuner that will help you find the desired sound.


Practice using the plectrum

Fingernails are generally used to play the strings and produce the sounds, but it can be very painful and damaging to your hands. It is recommended that you make use of one or more picks, as they slide better through the strings emitting louder sounds. We recommend using those with rings.

Insert the safety ring through your fingertips until secure, and then begin with slow movements that will help you better relate to the tool.


Put your hands in the right place

The correct position of the banjo when playing is essential for a good performance. Place your right hand on the body of the banjo, near the bridge and on the strings without pressing too hard. At the same time, place your left hand on the fretboard or neck of the instrument, resting your thumb on the back of the instrument and the little finger and index finger on the strings.




Start with simple rolls

Picking is the most popular movement performed with the banjo, which involves rapidly striking the strings as a musical device that involves speed. Start with the practice of simple short sequence rolls, play two distant strings (like the fifth and first). With this procedure you will easily relate to the banjo.


Practice frequently

The secret to becoming a good musician is consistency. Practicing daily can be tedious at first. It is recommended that you practice your banjo skills for thirty minutes a day, and with time you will obtain favorable results.




The most popular brands


Although banjos do not have the same fame as some other musical instruments such as guitars or violins, this does not mean that they are not still artifacts used by thousands of people around the world. Its unique and characteristic sound is used in various musical genres such as Folk, Bluegrass, Country and even some types of Jazz. Although the banjo is not widely known, if its sound is removed from great pieces of music, then its absence would really be noted. Some brands such as Rocket, Classic Cantabile and Stagg have added banjos to the portfolio of musical instruments they manufacture in order to reach a wider audience.




Just take a walk through the section of Amazon dedicated to this brand to realize how incredibly versatile Rocket is. From car batteries to toys for the little ones, this company has set itself the goal of venturing into almost every area of ​​the market to be able to demonstrate that it can produce high-quality devices of all kinds, without the need to dedicate itself completely and solely to a single sector. .

Instruments are part of his creations, as are classic banjos. These artifacts are characterized by their modern design and by bringing accessories that will facilitate their use, such as covers, necessary to carry them everywhere. Despite not being a company dedicated entirely to music, Rocket has managed to receive several positive reviews for its articles.

The sales success of this brand on the web platforms is remarkable and, if we continue to satisfy all buyers with their resistant and durable devices, we will surely continue to hear from Rocket for a long time to come.



For some time, Classic Cantabile has become a benchmark brand in the musical field, especially classical music. This company is not only dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality musical instruments, but also to the creation of the equipment that is needed to complement each of these instruments, such as stands, bags, tuners, etc.

Banjos are one of the instruments manufactured by this great brand and they stand out for having shiny finishes and the perfect length to play them comfortably. The materials used are of good quality, so that you can play your favorite songs without worry.

You can buy other accessories and instruments of the brand through Amazon and other stores, as the brand’s products are available for several countries around the world. That way, you will join all the clients who have given their positive comments to the company due to its high quality articles.




Stagg holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people who have taken an interest in music. Since 1995, this company established in Belgium has offered its various instruments and musical equipment, first, in this country and, today, in various parts of the world.

Stagg’s mission, according to the same company, is to inspire and encourage people to have a life full of music. For that, it has a wide catalog of products that is constantly expanding to provide buyers with all kinds of artifacts that can help them discover themselves and develop their musical skills to be better every day.

For Folk lovers, Stagg offers different banjos for the musician to choose the one that best suits their needs. It has special banjos for certain musical genres, 6 and 5 strings, but all with the same quality. If you are not a fan of this type of music, then you can also choose other instruments and accessories that are more suited to you.



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