Bass and Tibetan bowls merge to make reiki

Music is an art that influences the spirit, mind and body of people, but never before has such a novel fusion been tried. That is, the electric bass along with reiki, a mixture of sounds and spiritual practices that has harmonized very well, so that people reach the state of meditation more easily.


Fernando de Gatica, Marcela López and Mauro Rebuffo are the people in charge of carrying out the reiki workshops and sessions in Argentina and inspiring the whole world through this new idea. By including the electric bass in the sessions, they break all the schemes or customs related to this meditation practice. The bass adds greater depth to the musical notes that the participants hear, in addition, it provides a more pleasant harmony for the senses, giving energy to the body of each person.


Reiki and its origins

When talking about reiki we can say that it is the universal energy transmitted from one person to another through silence, the laying on of hands and meditation. Reiki had its origins in the 20th century, specifically in Japan.

It arose as a spiritual activity of the monks who performed martial arts and officers of the navy. Because the groups of people who practiced reiki were very different, many people from Asia and other parts of the world became interested in this practice.

It is a therapeutic and meditation activity in which the chakras of each participant are correctly harmonized. In a reiki session, the participant lies down with clothes, that is, without having to undress. The person receiving therapy should relax while the reikista lays his hands on various points on the body. As the reiki session goes on, the individual lying down feels relaxed and stress-free.




Of course, reiki not only serves for relaxation or stress release, but also works, together with professional medicine, as an aid in the healing of diseases and improves various areas of people, for example, the sentimental, spiritual and mental.

It should be noted that authentic reiki is not related to any religion, so it does not interfere with people’s beliefs, but is an activity in which all people can participate without inconvenience.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that there are three levels of reiki and a master’s degree. At each level the students go deeper into the reception and transmission of universal energy. The first level can be received by anyone, but from the second level only the most experienced should study it.

Many people have changed their attitudes and are now more positive after attending the first level of reiki. Therefore, they continue to advance to the other levels, becoming Reikist masters.


The chakras of the human being and music

Within reiki you can find the seven chakras and their meanings, since this is one of the most important aspects of this Japanese practice. This is because the chakras are vortexes of energy that are located in seven different points of the body, for example, the sacrum, the third eye, the root, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat and the crown.

Each chakra has its own function and people who do Reiki activate or enhance each one through meditation exercises. When all the chakras are balanced, the individual feels peace and tranquility, in addition, he feels prepared and with a positive mentality to face the different situations of the day.

On the other hand, the chakras are related to a specific color and sound. This is because each chakra emits a different frequency. The first chakra is represented by the red color of the rainbow and the note C. The second is related to the note Re and so on until reaching the seventh chakra, which is the note Si. In total there are 7 colors, in addition to the 7 notes of the C Major escalation.

This characteristic of the chakras makes the incorporation of sounds and musical instruments in reiki practically necessary. Therefore, the use of Tibetan bowls, electric bass and rain sticks provides greater effectiveness in the exercises to harmonize the chakras. It is even possible to use quartz bowls or other musical instruments in reiki sessions, thus breaking the silence of conservative meditation exercises and generating new sensations in the body, spirit and mind of the participants.




Tibetan bowls and their fusion with the electric bass

The Tibetan bowl is an instrument widely used in therapies for meditation and relaxation, because it provides harmony between the mind and the body. This makes it possible for people to feel peace and can improve in some areas such as sentimental, work or family.

These bowls had their origins in the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan monks, as they were used to achieve personal and spatial harmony. In addition, according to Tibetan culture, bowls date from 480 BC, so they have been making history for many years as utensils that lift the spirits of listeners.

The bowl is played with a drumstick, striking it and circling the edge offers a long vibration. Also, we mentioned that the bowls come in different sizes, so they provide both bass and treble sounds. This aspect makes it possible to merge with the electric bass, as the latter emits deep sounds and its vibration is also prolonged. That is, if the reiki master plays the bass while another person strikes the Tibetan bowls, the vibrations could be deeper and more penetrating to the human mind and body.

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