Advantages of electroacoustic and electric guitars

Although both instruments are basically the same, they have different functions, in addition, the way of playing them varies according to each case. For example, to play without the need for an amplified loudspeaker, musicians use electroacoustic guitars, as these have a resonance box, whereas electric guitars only sound connected to an amplifier.



It is important to know what an acoustic guitar is before making any purchase decision, since, according to historians, all guitar models that exist today are derived from it.

An acoustic guitar is one that has a resonance box, through which the instrument amplifies the vibrations or sounds of the strings. Later, the melodies played on the guitar come out through the mouth, which is in the center of the box. These guitars do not need cables or external sound equipment to be heard, so you can play them anytime and anywhere, whether in open or closed places.



Acoustic guitars can be made of nylon strings, just like classical ones. These have a moderately sized soundboard and their sounds are warm. They also have 6 strings, like other types of guitars. Therefore, the technique for playing these guitars is similar, with the position of the chords and musical notes in the same place on the fretboard. However, with nylon strings, people play classical guitars with their fingernails, without the need for straws.



In the world of guitars we also find acoustic folk. They have a larger soundboard than the classical ones and their strings are made of metal. In addition, they have a plastic pickguard on the front cover of the box, so that when you play you do not damage the paint of the instrument.

Normally, folk guitars are played with straws or picks, that is, plastic accessories. This is because the strings are made of metal and users’ nails could be damaged by them. Although the picks are also used because they help the strings emit a brighter sound.





An electric guitar has the same amount of strings, but it does not have a sound box and the strings, although they are also metallic, have a finer design than that of folk.

This type of guitar has a very important difference compared to previous models, since it does not have a sound box. In addition to this, its electrical system is different from that of electroacoustic guitars, because it has 2 and up to 3 microphones. Some electric guitars even have 2 single and 1 double microphones.



This term refers to the electrical systems or circuits that pre-amplify the sound, that is, it is the integrated microphone and all the elements required to be able to convert an acoustic guitar into an electroacoustic one. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect a classical or folk guitar to an external sound equipment using a cable. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that the pre-amplifier is a small electrical device that is installed in one of the rings of the resonance box, so that the sounds of the guitar can be equalized. 



For its part, the amplifier is the sound equipment or loudspeaker that emits the melodies of the instrument with greater volume. It is a must-have accessory for people who have electroacoustic guitars and need to play concerts in large auditoriums. In other words, without the sound amplification the people sitting in the back will not hear the guitar.

In addition to this, we mention that amplifiers are active speakers in which you can connect one or several guitars at the same time. Of course, this will depend on the Amp Model you purchase. 


Benefits of electroacoustic guitars

If you are making a comparison of acoustic guitars , perhaps this section will help you make an optimal purchase. This is because electro-acoustic guitars can sound through an external speaker, but they do not lose their natural and acoustic essence. Also, if you go camping with your friends, you can take this type of guitar with you and play various songs outdoors, since it has a sound box.

In addition to this, we mention that if the guitar is classical you can play flamenco, bossa-nova, pop or other musical genres. On the other hand, if it is a folk model, it will work for country, jazz, rock, etc.

In another vein, the equalization of this type of instrument is a benefit that we should not miss. Some electro-acoustic guitars have preamps with EQ for low, mid, and high frequencies. Due to this quality, the sound of the instrument can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. For example, if you want to play picks, you can turn up the treble a bit so that the melodies stand out more.

In addition, some electro-acoustic guitars have a digital tuner built into the preamp, so you can adjust the sounds of their strings more easily and do not have to use external devices to do this. 




Advantages of electric guitars

They are guitars without a soundboard, but they have an electrical circuit that enhances their sound, thanks to various microphones that they carry on the body under their 6 strings.  

In addition, as it does not have a soundboard, the fingerboard offers easier access with the fingers to the last frets, that is, 12, 14, 17, etc. This is an advantage that perhaps many musicians like to solo on electric guitar. 

On the other hand, an indisputable advantage of the electric guitar is that its strings are softer to the touch, so that you can play for several hours and your fingers will not be hurt as with a folk guitar. However, this will depend on the gauge of the strings, that is, the thickness, because if you play with 013 gauge strings your fingers could hurt after a while, especially if you are not used to it. For that reason, we recommend 009 or 010 cabilbre strings if you are a beginner, since these are thinner and softer to play. 

Also, we mentioned that this type of guitar converts the sounds of the strings into electrical signals that are subsequently sent to the amplifier through a cable. Even the cable can first pass through various pedals or effects processors such as delay, distortion, reverb, flanger, etc., so the final sound you will hear will be quite striking and enveloping. Because of this, the electric guitar is very useful for playing blues, rock, funk, heavy metal, jazz, among other genres.


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